How can I boost my internet connection speed?

It is now possible to double, triple or even quadruple your internet connection speed by “bonding” multiple internet connections into a single high-speed connection.

For example, if you have a single internet connection that has a speed of 4 Mb/s you could rent three additional internet connections and bond these together to achieve an effective speed of 16 Mb/s.

If you, or your business, would benefit from higher internet speeds then bonding may be the only way to achieve this without renting an expensive leased line internet service.

Faster upload speeds

In addition to the obvious benefits of faster download speeds, bonding will also deliver faster upload speeds.

For example, if your current upload speed is 0.8 Mb/s then bonding four similar internet connections would give an effective upload speed of 3.2 Mb/s.

This would benefit when using the increasing number of  “cloud” storage services such as data backup and file synchronisation across multiple devices.


Another benefit is that it is possible to bond internet connections that are based on different service provision platforms to protect against the inevitable internet service outages from your current provider.

For example, if your current provider is a BT based ADSL service then you could bond with either of the following internet services to create a service that offers seamless resilience:

  • non-BT based ADSL internet service
  • Virgin media cable internet service
  • satellite internet service
  • 3G/4G mobile internet service

As long as at least one of the above services remains on-line then you and your business will remain connected to the internet for email and any other essential internet based applications.

If one service fails then the others would continue to provide service and you may not even notice the service outage.

Some internet service providers can also offer a bonding service on fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) connections which can offer download speeds of up to 320 Mb/s and upload speeds of up to 80 Mb/s.

Service components

It is, of course, possible to buy multiple internet connections from your existing service provider, but without the bonding service these would not function like a single connection.

The value of the bonding service is its ability to combine multiple internet connections into a single connection.

These multiple internet connections could be from your existing Internet Service Provider or from other providers.

We would recommend that other service providers and service platforms are used in order to benefit from increased resilience as described above.

In order to bond the different internet connections at your premises it is necessary to have bonding equipment which connects to your computer, or network of computers.

Currently, it is possible to bond up to four internet connections.

Cost example

For standard ADSL internet connections of up to 4.5 Mb/s the cost of the bonding equipment would be £50 per bonded connection and the monthly cost of the bonding service would be £20 per bonded connection.

There would also be a set up fee of £50 irrespective of the number of connections.

For example, the cost of bonding 2 x ADSL internet connections of 4.5 Mb/s to give a total internet connection speed of 9 Mb/s would be:

  • Set up fee @ £50
  • Equipment cost @ £100 (ie 2 x £50)
  • Monthly service charge @ £40 (ie 2 x £20)

VAT would be applied to the above charges at the current rate.

Please note that the above costs are in addition to the costs associated with the underlying internet connections.

If the speed of the underlying internet connections is more than 4.5Mb/s, or if non-ADSL connections are being bonded, then more expensive bonding equipment would be required.

Get in touch with Premitel if you have a specific requirement or if you wish to discuss how your business could make better and more cost-effective use of its existing telecommunications and internet infrastructure and services.

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