How do I configure my Draytek VDSL Router for BT Infinity Internet & TV?

BT’s Infinity Fibre-To-The-Cabinet (FTTC) high speed broadband service uses a technology known as VDSL2. The same applies to FTTC services from other internet service providers such as TalkTalk and Sky.

If you have a VDSL2 router and you want to use it instead of the supplied BT Home Hub router it is relatively straightforward to get it working for internet browsing, but a bit more complex for BT Internet TV.

To get internet browsing working on a Draytek Vigor VDSL2 router such as the 2860 or the 2760 you would simply enable VLAN Tag insertion and set the VLAN Tag value to 101.

However, this will not enable you to watch any of the BT TV streaming channels that are delivered over the internet.

The on-demand services such as Netflix and BBC iPlayer will work, but the BT Internet TV channels (including BT Sport) won’t.

To get BT Internet TV working on a Draytek Vigor VDSL2 router you need to select Applications from the menu on the left hand side of the Dashboard and then select the IGMP sub-menu.

On the window that appears to the right you need to tick the boxes that say IGMP Proxy and IGMP Snooping.

Click OK to save these changes and then re-boot your router.

After your router has re-booted you should switch off your BT You-View box and then switch it back on after about 30 seconds.

You should be able to watch the BT Internet TV channels after your You-View box has restarted.

It worked for me!

This should also work for other VDSL routers that support IGMP.

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