How do I ensure good quality VoIP phone calls for my business?

Voice over Internet Protocol abbreviates to VoIP and is the generic name for making and receiving telephone calls over IP networks such as the internet and office computer networks.

With IP networks the voice signal is split into discrete packets of data which have to be transported with minimum loss or delay in order to ensure good speech quality.

This is very different from traditional analogue and digital lines where there is a continuous copper connection from the desk phone to the local telephone exchange.

Prioritising VoIP traffic

IP networks carry lots of different types of traffic in addition to VoIP. This would include email, internet browsing and video streaming.

VoIP is unique in that it must support a real-time two way telephone conversation.

Any delays in the delivery and reception of VoIP data packets would make a conversation unintelligible.

In contrast email is just a one way communication in which data packet delays are of little consequence; internet browsing is mostly one way communication in which packet delays can be tolerated; and video streaming is a one way communication.

Therefore, to ensure the best quality VoIP calls IP networks must be designed in such a way that VoIP data packets are given the highest priority.

Switching to VoIP

It is easy to set up a VoIP phone system and get it working, but implementing a VoIP phone system that delivers good call quality is not a trivial task.

If you are considering making the switch to VoIP you must consider carefully the individual elements of the end-to-end connection in order to ensure the best possible call quality:

  • VoIP service provider
  • Internet connection
  • On-site VoIP phone system (if not hosted)
  • Network equipment (router and data switches)
  • Transmission infrastructure (cabling)
  • Telephone handsets

A properly implemented VoIP phone system will deliver cost and and efficiency benefits without any compromise on call quality.

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