What is the best way to record business telephone calls?

There are two ways in which telephone conversations can be recorded:

  • one is to use a call recording device that attaches either to a telephone instrument, a telephone line or a telephone system; and
  • the other is to use a call recording service that is an added-value component of the underlying telephone service.

Each of these methods is discussed in the paragraphs below.

Call Recording Devices

Most call recording devices now use digital recording techniques with calls recorded on memory cards or hard disks, rather than tape. The advantage of digital call recording is that individual recordings can be copied, moved and filed on to computer equipment for future reference.

A budget call recording device would typically cost less than £150 and attach to a telephone instrument or telephone line.

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Unfortunately, with most budget call recording devices the process of transferring the recordings from the device to long term storage media (eg a computer or a server) can be complex and time consuming.

The alternative is to spend more on an an enterprise-class call recording application that runs on a computer server or one that integrates with the business telephone system.

Call Recording Service

A call recording service is an application that is usually offered over the internet and is usually an integral part of an internet-based telephony service.

The main advantage of an internet-based call recording service that is linked to your telephone service is that it is simple and hassle-free.

In particular, you do not need to worry about connecting any equipment or remembering to switch it on.

Additionally, all calls are recorded and stored automatically on a internet-based server which can be accessed like any other web page.

Playback and storage is also simple as you can play back your recordings over the internet or you can download them for storage and playback on your computer.

Once you have listened to your call recordings you can then choose to keep them stored on the web server (for a fee) or you can choose to delete them from the server.

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