What is the cost of a hosted VoIP phone system?

The Premitel hosted VoIP phone system is the ideal solution if you are looking for a flexible and feature-rich office phone system that requires minimal capital expenditure.

The main items of capital expenditure would be the purchase of telephone handsets and the purchase of new or upgraded network equipment and cabling.

There would be no requirement for any expenditure on the purchase or maintenance of phone system (ie pbx) equipment.

There would also be no requirement to install and rent expensive analogue or ISDN lines.

Instead, all that would be required is an internet connection of the appropriate capacity and quality to support good quality VoIP phone calls.

The table below sets out the quantifiable costs of a typical 10 extension hosted VoIP phone system supplied by Premitel.

Initial Cost
Monthly Cost
VoIP Account
(Qty 1)
VoIP Extensions (service) *
(Qty 10)
VoIP Extensions (phone equipment) *
(Qty 10)
Phone Numbers *
(Qty 3)
Number Transfer *
(Qty 1)
Internet Connection
(1 Mbps SDSL)
Network Equipment
(Router & Network Switch)

Note 1: The cost for the VoIP Account in the above table is an account set up fee and would be the same irrespective of the number of VoIP extensions and phone numbers.

Note 2: The items marked with an asterisk (*) in the above table are scalable by whatever quantity of each item is required. For example, if you need a 100 extension hosted VoIP phone system then you would multiply the figures in the above table for VoIP extension service and VoIP extension phones by a factor of 10.

Note 3: The costs of the internet connection and network equipment do not increase in line with the number of extensions. Instead, it can be expected that the incremental cost per extension would reduce significantly as the number of VoIP extensions increase.

Note 4: For the purposes of this example, we have assumed an internet connection and network equipment that are used solely by the hosted VoIP phone system together with VoIP phones that are patched directly into the network switch. In many VoIP deployments it is likely that these resources would be shared.

Note 5: All the costs in the above table exclude VAT.

The exact costs of a hosted VoIP phone system would depend on your particular circumstances and would probably include additional costs for installation and the provision of professional network design and configuration services.

Click on this link for a more detailed discussion of the individual elements that comprise a hosted VoIP phone system.

Please note that when considering the costs of a hosted VoIP phone system, one its key benefits is the cost saving opportunities associated with the sharing of internet services and local network infrastructure (eg routers, switches & cabling) with other internet applications such as browsing and email.

Although we have included the cost of internet services and local network equipment in our cost example above, it is possible that a hosted VoIP phone system could be implemented without the need for any new or upgraded network infrastructure and services.

This would be the case if a customer had a leased line internet connection, managed network switches that support power over ethernet and VoIP phones at each workstation that could share a network socket with a PC at the same workstation.

In summary, when compared with a traditional on-site PBX phone systems, the Premitel hosted VoIP phone system is very cost effective in terms of initial capital expenditure and ongoing running costs.

This is in addition to its many operational advantages.

We can supply the Premitel hosted VoIP phone system as a turnkey plug-and-play package with telephones and network equipment bundled with the required VoIP and internet service package.

Alternatively, we can provide provide a more hands-on consultancy and systems integration and installation service to ensure the most effective implementation of our hosted VoIP phone system in your business.

Just contact Premitel for a no-obligation discussion of your specific requirements.

Get in touch with Premitel if you have a specific requirement or if you wish to discuss how your business could make better and more cost-effective use of its existing telecommunications and internet infrastructure and services.

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