Why does my laptop not connect to my office WiFi when on battery?

A client recently had a problem that prevented connection of her laptop to her office WiFi router when the laptop was on battery power. When mains power was being used there was no problem.

The curious thing was that there was no problem when connecting to other wireless access points when on battery power.

In most laptops their wireless functions automatically shut down when mains power is removed and battery power saving mode is activated, but these should re-activate when a wireless access point is detected.

I discovered that the problem with my client’s laptop was that the wireless functions of the laptop were not “waking-up” as they should when in range of her office wireless router.

Fortunately the solution was relatively simple in that all that was required was a change to the laptop’s power settings.

In particular, it was necessary to go to the advanced settings in the default power plan and change the wireless adaptor settings for power saving battery mode to Maximum Performance.

That solved the problem for my client with the only downside being that the laptop battery will run down quicker.

The alternative would have been for my client to change her router and that would have involved more expense and disruption.

This highlights one of those rare occasions when two items of equipment should work together, but don’t. It would be difficult to make a case with either vendor that their equipment is faulty as they work with similar equipment from other vendors.

I remember having a similar problem with a fax machine many years ago. There was one machine to which  I couldn’t send, but that fax machine received from all other fax machines and I could send to all other fax machines.

I never solved that problem until I bought a new fax machine.

The adoption of common standards means that such incompatibilities should not occur, but occasionally they do for unknown and mysterious reasons.

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