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It is now almost impossible for individuals and businesses to function without broadband internet access. The basic reason is that most communications and day-to-day interaction with suppliers, customers, colleagues and friends depend on having internet access.

Fortunately, there are now many different ways of connecting to the internet. This makes it relatively easy for an individual, or the employees of a business, to maintain continuous internet access at home, in the office or on the move.

The range of internet access solutions that are now available include:

  • standard phone and cable connections;
  • fibre to the premises and fibre to the cabinet connections;
  • satellite connections;
  • 3G & 4G mobile connections;
  • leased-line connections; and
  • private connections using wireless solutions.

Premitel can advise on, and provide, internet access solutions using all of the above connectivity options.

We can also assist with the selection, supply, implementation and configuration of internet access devices to ensure that terminal equipment and networking solutions are fit for purpose and cost-effective. This would include arranging temporary short-term internet connections for events, exhibitions, film productions etc.

Fallback solutions

In order to avoid the consequences of being without internet access for even a few hours (or even a few minutes!) we recommend that individuals and businesses have two or more internet access solutions in their premises. These could be:

  • standard phone connections from two different service providers;
  • standard phone connection plus 3G or 4G mobile connection;
  • standard phone connection plus cable connection; and
  • standard phone connection plus satellite connection.

In order to make most effective use of both internet access connections it would be necessary to have a Dual-WAN (or Triple-WAN) router. WAN stands for Wide Area Network.

Premitel can supply Dual-WAN routers and configure these to your requirements while taking into account the technical and cost characteristics of the individual internet access connections.

For example, if your second connection is a 3G mobile device then, to avoid high data charges, you would probably want it to be used only when the main connection is down. Alternatively, if your second connection is supplied by a cable provider (such as Virgin Media) then you may wish to have internet access shared across both connections.

Extending internet access

Premitel also specialise in advising on, and implementing, solutions that extend internet access within, or even beyond, the home or business premises in which the main internet connection is terminated.

For example, a Cat 5 cabling system could be used as the primary method of extending internet access throughout a business premises. It may also be necessary to deploy wireless access points at strategic locations throughout the premises to enable internet access in those areas that are not cabled and to provide access for the increasing number of wireless-only devices such tablet computers (eg iPads) and smart-phones.

To enable a single internet connection to be used across multiple buildings it would, for example, be necessary to connect the main internet access point in one building to network connection points in the other buildings using either cable or wireless technology. Typically a wireless connection would be most cost-effective and can even be used to connect buildings that are several kilometres apart.

In the home the problem may be that the wireless coverage provided by the main internet router is not sufficiently powerful and that some means of providing wireless coverage in other areas is required. Another problem that requires internet access to be extended in the home is that television equipment now requires internet access to enable access to video streaming and download services.

Both these home problems could be solved be wireless repeater or homeplug solutions.

For more information on these solutions just click the appropriate link in the previous sentence.

In summary, Premitel can provide assistance for all your internet access requirements at home and for your business.

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