Broadband Too Slow?

If your broadband is too slow then you should consider switching to Premitel’s fixed-wireless, high-speed broadband solution.

The Premitel Solution

Our solution solution is based on the Vodafone 4G mobile network and can achieve speeds that range from 10Mbps to over 30Mbps.

The technology is known as LTE and requires a router that can support multiple data streams using high gain antennae.

One advantage of switching to LTE broadband is that you do not a phone line and could therefore stop paying phone line rental!

Although most of our LTE broadband clients are in rural areas, the solution applies also in urban areas where broadband speeds are unacceptably slow.

If you would like to try Vodafone LTE broadband then we have a no-risk, money-back special offer that enables you to try our solution before deciding if it is suitable for you.

Special Offer

We would supply a preconfigured LTE WiFi router with 5 GB of data for £145.

If this is returned as new within 14 days then the £145 would be refunded.

If you want to keep the router then we would activate the monthly package of your choice.

Our monthly LTE broadband packages are all 30 day rolling contracts as follows:

  • £24 per month for 20GB
  • £36 per month for 40GB
  • £60 per month for 100GB

As a guide a standard definition iPlayer or Netflix stream uses approximately 0.7GB per hour.

Get In Touch

Click on the contact button to the left if you want to take advantage of our special offer or if you simply want advice on improving broadband speeds at your home or business premises.