Hosted VoIP PBX Services

With a hosted PBX service you don’t have the hassle, complexity and expense of buying and maintaining any phone system hardware. Instead you pay for a service that is typically based on the number of extension phones that you require.

A hosted PBX service is delivered via a central server that is owned and operated by a service provider. The server connects to its remote terminals (ie extension phones) by some type of telecommunications connection.

The Hosted PBX phone service that is familiar to most people in the UK is the BT Featureline Centrex service. Extension phones connect to the local BT telephone exchange (ie the server) over analogue phone lines.

With a hosted VoIP PBX service the server is located in a data centre somewhere in the internet cloud. Extension phones connect to the server over an internet connection rather than an analogue phone line.

The main advantages of a hosted VoIP PBX service when compared to the BT Featureline service are:

  • extensions can be located anywhere that there is an internet connection;
  • significantly greater range of available features; and
  • significantly lower cost per extension.

The features and operational benefits of a hosted VoIP PBX solution are too numerous to mention, but the list below highlights some of the key benefits:

  1. Low total cost of ownership: Hosted VoIP PBX systems give reduced ownership costs as there is no need to buy any expensive hardware or software. All the initial installation and purchasing costs and on-going maintenance and support costs are drastically reduced compared to traditional premise based on-site PBX phone systems.
  2. Cheaper Calls: The fact that all telephone traffic is routed over the internet reduces calling charges significantly. Calls between extensions even if the extensions are on different continents are free.
  3. Desired area code: Hosted VoIP PBX service providers allow you to choose any geographical area code for your numbers. For instance, if you live in Edinburgh and you want a London number then you can get one with a hosted VoIP PBX service. You can even have international numbers associated with your hosted PBX accounts.
  4. Wide range of features: In addition to standard PBX calling features such as: call transfer, call forwarding, call waiting, call conferencing, 3-way calling, find me/follow me, speed dial, caller id, hosted VoIP PBXs offer many advanced calling features such as: automatic call distribution, integrated auto attendant, virtual receptionist, intelligent call routing, call queue management, voicemail and call recording.
  5. Flexibility: With a  hosted VoIP PBX system any number of extensions can be added or removed without affecting the overall phone system. If your enterprise grows from 2 employees to 2000 employees then your hosted VoIP PBX system has the potential to meet those growing needs.

Premitel’s consultants have the knowledge and experience deploy a hosted VoIP PBX solution in your business. In particular, Premitel have the expertise to ensure that your internal network and your internet connection are designed and configured in such a way that VoIP phone calls are given the required quality of service.

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