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A leased line private circuit (ie one that is rented from a public telecommunications service provider such as BT) would provide better performance than a virtual private circuit.  In most cases the customer would choose the required service from the service provider’s portfolio and pay the appropriate service charge.

Please note that leased line internet connections are not strictly speaking private circuits since they provide a a private connection only to the public internet.

Charging for leased line private circuits is usually on the basis of a connection charge and a fixed monthly service charge with a minimum term contract of at least one year. There is not usually any usage-based charges.

The public telecommunications provider would implement the private circuit using the appropriate elements of their network infrastructure (eg cable, fibre, radio etc). They may even rent network capacity from another telecommunications provider in order to deliver the required service.

The customer may be in the fortunate position of having a choice of service providers and would not usually be concerned about what technology is used to deliver the service.

Most leased line private circuits would have a specific service profile in terms of speed, quality of service and circuit termination (eg ethernet) and would be used to provide point-to-point connections over long distances.

There is also a type of leased line private circuit known as Baseband which is provided with no service profile and which is available only between premises served by the same local exchange.

Baseband private circuits would typically be provided as a dedicated copper cable connection between two premises. The performance and service available from a Baseband private circuit would depend on the type of equipment connected at each end.

Long distance private circuits and Baseband private circuits are discussed separately by clicking on the appropriate links in this sentence or via the drop down menu above.

Premitel can advise on the most appropriate and cost-effective leased line private circuit to meet your particular requirements.

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