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VoIP terminal adaptorA VoIP gateway (or VoIP terminal adaptor) is a device that enables non-VoIP devices such as standard analogue or digital telephony devices to connect to IP networks and communicate using VoIP.

Typically a VoIP gateway would be the term used to refer to a device that is connected to a multi-line PBX phone system.

A VoIP terminal adaptor would be term used to refer to a device that is connected to a individual phone handsets (ie terminals).

VoIP gateways and terminal adaptors perform the same function and we will use the term VoIP gateway to refer to both types of device.

A VoIP gateway would connect to a spare ethernet socket on a router or to a network switch port via the cabling in an office Local Area Network (ie LAN).

The gateway would be configured with the required VoIP settings for the host phone system. This may be an on-site VoIP PBX, a hosted VoIP PBX service that is provided over the internet or a public VoIP service such as Skype.

VoIP gateways are available with different line port capacities and are available for both analogue and ISDN lines (ie ISDN2 and ISDN30).

The larger capacity VoIP gateways are usually used for converting the line ports of analogue or digital TDM PBXs into SIP based VoIP lines. This enables the end-user to take advantage of lower rentals and call charges that are usually associated with VoIP services, without the need to change their PBX equipment.

VoIP gateways are usually supplied as standalone devices, although many internet service providers supply routers that incorporate the functions of a VoIP gateway in an attempt to encourage customers to use their VoIP calling services.

The router usually has one or two standard phone sockets which in effect provides the customer with one or two additional phone lines at little or no additional monthly cost.

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