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Gigaset C300HThere are standalone VoIP cordless phones which operate in a similar way to corded VoIP phones. These are relatively straightforward devices.

Therefore, here we consider the more complex multi-handset DECT cordless phone solutions that can be connected to VoIP PBX phone systems in such a way that each cordless handset has its own unique PBX extension number.

As the name suggests the cordless extensions of a VoIP PBX would not have any cabling associated with their extension telephones. This presents opportunities both for cost savings and increased flexibility.

The cost savings would be achieved through reduced expenditure on the labour and materials associated with installing internal extension cabling, particularly in situations where there is little or no existing cabling infrastructure.

The increased flexibility would be achieved by having handsets that are not tied to a particular fixed location and can roam throughout the business premises. While roaming it is possible to retain the same extension number together with the same ability to make and receive calls.

With appropriate configuration of the cordless phone system, the host VoIP PBX and the network it would even be possible to use the same handset (and extension number) at other office sites, including a home office.

The host VoIP PBX could be either a network of on-site PBXs or a hosted PBX service.

Cost effective solution for up to 500 extensions

Cordless PBX solutions can be scaled cost effectively from 2 extensions to 500 extensions and beyond.

Each extension is registered with a central controller which is in turn connected to a number of radio base stations to give the required coverage. The central controller can in some cases incorporate a radio base station.

The diagram below shows a design based on 3 x radio base stations with each base station having overlapping coverage with its neighbour to create a contiguous coverage area across the business premises.

Cordless PBX Design

The radio base stations would be strategically located within the premises to give the required coverage. The cordless handsets would automatically connect to the nearest base station with the whole process managed by the central controller software running in one of the bases.

It is even possible to have a radio base station at another site as long as it can connect to the controller over the internet.

There are some design restrictions in terms of the number of simultaneous calls that each base station and the overall system can support, but this is not usually an issue for most organisations.

Premitel would design the most cost effective solution to meet your requirements based on the number of extensions and the coverage area.

Requires only an internet connection rather than traditional phone lines

Cordless VoIP PBX solutions require only an internet connection. In other words traditional analogue or ISDN lines are not required.

This adds further to the flexibility and cost effectiveness of the cordless phone system as the restrictions and expense of traditional fixed phone lines do not apply.

For example, you can have a choice of phone numbers with any area code. This means that you could have a cordless handset in London with an Edinburgh number or even a New York number.

The options for choosing phone numbers to suit your business requirements are endless.

Internet based phone systems can also support a wide range of advanced features and are characterised by having very low call rates, particularly for international calls.

Uses inexpensive DECT handsets

Cordless PBX solutions are based on the international digital cordless standard known as DECT.

Compliance with the DECT standard not only guarantees high quality speech that is free from interference, but also ensures the availability of a wide range of inexpensive handsets that cost from as little as £30 plus vat.

This minimises the incremental cost of adding extensions to a cordless PBX solution.

Get in touch with us if you have a specific requirement or if you wish to discuss how your business could make better and more cost-effective use of its existing telecommunications and internet infrastructure and services.

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