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4G Router

The internet connectivity services that are available from the mobile networks is improving all the time. Their 4G networks can, in some cases, provide internet access at speeds that significantly exceed those available on fixed line internet services.

The conventional methods of accessing 4G internet services are via a smart-phone or via  a “dongle” that simply connects to the USB port of a laptop or PC. In most cases these methods of accessing 4G internet services are sufficient.

However, there are some cases where a 4G router is the most appropriate solution.

An example would be if there is a need to provide internet access to multiple devices via wired or wireless connection in a location where there is no conventional internet access or if the need is for short  term internet access using a pay as you go mobile data sim card.

Another advantage of a 4G Router is that a high gain antenna can be attached to provide service in an area of poor 4G mobile data coverage. In such cases the antennae that are typically integrated into the standard USB “dongle” may not be capable of picking up the weak mobile network signal.

There are several routers available that provide access to 4G internet services. Some provide the internet connection by plugging in a USB “dongle”, while others require insertion of a data SIM card.

Our preference is the latter because it avoids any compatibility issues between the gateway and the “dongle”.

Most 4G routers come with up to 4 ethernet ports and an integrated WiFi wireless access point to enable connection of multiple devices.

Click here for a real world example of how a 4G router was used to provide internet connectivity at an outdoor event.

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