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Private Circuits

A private telecommunications circuit is used to connect two or more premises to give a required quality of service and/or to save costs.

Featured Solutions

As consultants and systems integrators our role is to select products and services and configure these as an overall solution to meet our client requirements.

Access Points

A WiFi wireless access point a standalone device that enables wireless clients such as laptops, smartphones and tablets to connect to an internet router.


A wifi wireless router enables the sharing of one (or more) internet connection(s) by multiple devices such as PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

> wireless repeater devices

One of the simplest & lowest cost ways of boosting & extending WiFi coverage is to use a wireless repeater that plugs into a strategically located mains socket.

> homeplug devices

One of the easiest ways of boosting WiFi coverage is to install a HomePlug wireless access point in the location where there is a coverage problem.

> range extenders

Even the best wireless router has a limited range and often you need a solution to provide WiFi access beyond the normal range of your router.

Homeplug Adaptors

HomePlug devices use standard mains electrical cabling to transmit data and present the data to terminal equipment as a standard ethernet or wifi connection.

4G Router

A 4G router provides internet access for multiple devices in areas where there is no conventional internet access or if there is a short term requirement.

WiFi Wireless

WiFi enables internet access in homes & offices for laptops, tablets, smartphones & devices such as games consoles, televisions & other household appliances.

Ethernet Bridges

In situations where it is impractical or too expensive to provide a cabled ethernet connection between two points then a wireless bridge may be the answer.