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How Can I Boost My WiFi Signal?

Most of us use WiFi to connect to the internet using our laptops, tablets and smart-phones. And most of us have experienced frustration when it is difficult or even impossible to connect to the internet because of a poor WiFi signal.

There is little that can be done about this when we are out and about, but there are steps that can be taken to boost the WiFi signal in your home or office.

The steps that can be taken would depend on your particular circumstances, but they would involve one or more of the following six options:

  1. Relocate router
  2. Replace router
  3. Replace router antennae
  4. Install additional WiFi Access Point
  5. Install WiFi Repeater
  6. Install Powerline WiFi
Relocate router

To ensure the best possible WiFi coverage your router should be in the centre of the required coverage area and away from potential sources of interference (eg televisions, radios, cordless phones, flourescent lights, speaker magnets etc)

You should avoid locating your router in a cupboard as the cupboard walls are an immediate barrier for the WiFi signal.  Thick cupboard wall could block the WiFi signal completely.

Similarly, a metallic cabinet is not a good location for a WiFi router as radio signals do not pass through metal. We regularly come across clients who have an expensive WiFi router on a shelf inside a metal comms cabinet and who are wondering why their WiFi signal is so poor!

If it is not convenient to relocate your router or if that would not give the required WiFi signal boost then you will need to consider one of the other options below.

Replace router

You could improve WiFi performance by replacing the “free” WiFi router provided by your internet service provider with a third party router that has better WiFi performance.

Unfortunately, we can’t give any general advice on this as the choice of router would depend on the type of internet connection that you have.

Also, some internet service providers are not keen on their router being replaced by a third party router and they withold the information that is necessary to configure a replacement router.

If you want to replace your router then please get in touch using the contact button to the left and we will be pleased to advise you.

Replace router antennae

If you have a router that has WiFi antennae that can be unscrewed then it is then relatively straightforward to replace you router antennae with antennae that have a higher gain.

It is possible to purchase for under £20 antennae that double or even treble the WiFi output power and receive sensitivity of the standard antennae that come with most WiFi routers.

If you are unsure which antennae would be suitable for your router then get in touch with Premitel by clicking on the contact button to the left.

Install additional WiFi access point

A stand-alone cable connected WiFi access point is  technically the best option for boosting your WiFi signal.

If you are unsure which access point would be most appropriate for your situation then get in touch with Premitel by clicking on the contact button to the left.

Despite their performance advantages, the problem with stand-alone WiFi access points is that in many situations it is not feasible, for cost or aesthetic reasons, to install the cabling that is necessary to connect the additional access point to the router.

If that is the case then the only options are the Repeater and Powerline solutions that are discussed in the paragraphs below.

Install WiFi Repeater

Assuming that there is a spare mains socket in a suitable location to bounce the WiFi signal into the required coverage area, then a WiFi Repeater is the simplest and most cost-effective way of extending WiFi coverage.

If that is not the case then you would need to consider a Powerline WiFi solution.

Install Powerline WiFi

Powerline devices use the mains electrical cabling to distribute your router connection throughout your premises.

Although Powerline WiFi kits cost a bit more than a Repeater, they are easier to install and offer a bit more flexibility.

The main advantage of Powerline solutions is that they can deliver a WiFi signal anywhere there is a mains socket and can be expanded simply by purchasing another adaptor.

If you are unsure which Powerline solution would be most appropriate for your situation then get in touch with Premitel by clicking on the contact button to the left.

Business Solutions

The solutions described above are suitable for boosting WiFi signals in homes or small offices.

Premitel can also provide solutions for larger premises where the requirements are likely to be more complex and would require a bespoke solution.

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