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How can I extend internet connectivity to a garden-office?

We regularly have queries from clients who want to extend internet connectivity from their home or office premises to an external building such as a garden-office.

There are a number of options to consider when developing a solution. 

When considering these options it important to consider not only how to bridge the gap between the two buildings, but also the impact on the existing connectivity in the main building and how the connection is to be implemented neatly at either end with the required connectivity for all devices.

Thee various connectivity options are discussed in the paragraphs below.

Cable Connection

Running a cable from the router to network equipment in the garden-office is technically the best solution, but the cost of running external cables can be an expensive solution.

When considering a cable connection it is important to take account of how the cable is to be routed and connected at either end with the required connectivity for all devices.

For example, for one customer it was necessary to relocate the router and the incoming internet connection to the attic and install it in a comms cabinet.

From there we had to install 4 cable connections from the attic, down the wall, along a fence to the garden-office and then underground to 4 network sockets in the garden-office.

We have used our network design and installation experience to implement garden-office cable connections successfully for number of clients who required the best possible solution with the fastest speed.

Wireless Access Point

The lowest cost option is usually to install a wireless access point at the side of the house closest to the garden-office.

However, the external walls of the house and the garden-office together with the distance from the house to the garden-office are often too big an obstacle for the WiFi signal.

Wireless Bridge

Another wireless option is to to create a point-to-point wireless bridge between the main house and the garden-office.

This option is a good solution, but there are significant costs in terms of equipment and labour in running the cables and mounting the external wireless bridge devices.

NB When connecting premises that are up to 10 km apart a wireless bridge is in fact an excellent low-cost solution compared with the alternative of asking BT (or another service provider) to provide telecommunications and internet services to those premises.


Powerline adaptors are a good option if there is a mains electrical connection linking the garden-office to the main house. A Powerline solution uses the existing mains electric cabling to provide internet access in the garden-office for less than £150.

Powerline adaptors can not only provide wireless access in the garden-office, but also the ability to connect wired devices such as a printer, a PC and a network storage device.

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