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How can I use existing analogue phones, sockets & wiring on a VoIP phone service?

Until recently all home (and small business) internet connections required a copper phone line that physically connected the premises to the local telephone exchange.

An increasing number of homes (and small businesses) are now switching to internet-only connections that do not require a phone line.

These are typically fibre-to-the-premises broadband services, but also include wireless broadband services. It also includes some broadband services that use copper cable, but do not include a phone service.

In addition to the benefits of a much faster and more reliable internet connection, a fibre-based internet connection also offers the opportunity to cease expensive copper-based phone lines ahead of their planned withdrawal in December 2025.

You may have noticed the regular annual increases in phone line rental!

In this article we discuss how you can use your internet-only broadband connection to provide a low-cost replacement for your copper phone line service using a device called an Analogue Terminal Adaptor (ATA).

Analogue Terminal Adaptor

An ATA enables you to continue using your existing analogue phones, sockets and wiring and keep your existing phone number.

It would connect to your router and to your existing telephone equipment and converts analogue phone signals to internet phone signals and vice-versa.

Internet phone services are often referred to as VoIP phone services or digital voice services.

In order to function an ATA must be configured with account details supplied by your internet phone service provider.

Your internet phone service provider would adopt your existing phone number and provide the service that enables you to make and receive calls. This service would replace your existing phone line rental, but at a much lower cost.

Premitel Pre-Configured ATAs

To make things easy we can supply 2 x ATAs that are pre-configured to operate on the Premitel VoIP Phone Service.

The cheaper ATA is made by Yeastar and is designed for a single phone connection.

This could be a simple analogue phone or a base for a muti-handset cordless phone system.

The more expensive Grandstream ATA has more power to ring multiple phones and can be connected to existing extension wiring using cables and adaptors that we supply with the ATA.

The Yeastar ATA can be purchased from the Premitel shop by clicking on this link.

The Grandstream ATA can be purchased by clicking on  this link.

Installing the Grandstream ATA

Connection of the Grandstream ATA to your existing telephone wiring is relatively straightforward using the step-by-step guide provided with the device and set out below:

Step 1: Disconnect phone line from master socket

To disconnect the phone line you simply cut the cable that connects to the master socket from outside your premises (eg with wire snips). It is very unlikely that this cable will ever be used again. Take care not to cut any cabling that connects your master socket to your extension sockets.

If you are not comfortable cutting the phone line cable then it is possible to open the master socket and disconnect the phone line cable from its terminals (or seek assistance from a local telephone installation engineer or electrician).

Step 2: Ensure that phone line cable has been disconnected

To check that phone line cable has been disconnected just pick up a phone and listen for dial tone or disconnected tone. If your phone line cable has been disconnected correctly there will be no tones.

Step 3: Connect ATA to existing phone socket

Plug the supplied double adaptor into the existing phone socket that is nearest to your router. If there is a phone plugged into that socket then that phone should be plugged into one outlet of the double adaptor. Use the supplied line cord to connect the ATA phone port to the other outlet of the double adaptor.

Step 4: Connect ATA to router

Use the supplied patch lead to connect the ATA ethernet port to a spare ethernet port on your router. If you don’t have a spare ethernet port then Premitel can supply an inexpensive network switch that will increase the number of ethernet ports.

Step 5: Switch on ATA

Once the ATA is connected to your existing phone socket and also to your router then switch on the ATA by connecting it to the mains using the supplied power adaptor.

Step 6: Make a phone call

Wait a few minutes for the ATA to power up then connect to the internet phone service by making your first internet phone call. Remember that you always have to use the full area code, like a mobile phone.

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