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How do I activate the HDMI cable connection from my ACER laptop to my TV?

One of my customers has an ACER laptop with an HDMI cable connecting the laptop to their TV.

My customer wanted to watch videos that were stored on their laptop on their large screen TV.

Unfortunately, nothing was being displayed on the TV despite all looking OK with the cable connection and the TV settings.

I then had a look at Google to see if anyone else had a similar problem and had found a solution.

There were lots of individuals that had a similar problem and various solutions were suggested such as updating drivers and fiddling with the BIOS settings.

However, none of these worked for me so I had a look at the graphics settings on the ACER laptop.

On right clicking the desktop screen I saw that one of the options displayed on the pop-up window was labelled “Configure Switchable Graphics”.

Out of curiosity I clicked that option and after a few seconds another pop-up window opened that allowed the selection of a “High-Performance Graphics Processing Unit”.

The active Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) was a “Power-Saving Graphics Processing Unit”.

I selected the High Performance GPU and the TV screen magically mirrored the display of the laptop screen.

The HDMI cable connection also delivered the laptop audio via the TV speakers.

I can’t promise that this solution will work for you, but it did for my customer with their 4 year old Windows 7 ACER laptop.

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