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How to Move the FTTP ONT

Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) termination points are known as ONTs (Optical Network Termination). These are often installed in locations that are not ideal for the end-user. It may therefore be necessary to know how to move the FTTP ONT.

For example, the end-user router must be connected to the ONT. However, being adjacent to the ONT may not be an ideal location for the router because a central location is usually best for providing the optimum WiFi coverage throughout the premises.

Also, some end-users may not be happy about the aesthetics and practicalities of having a comms hub at the ONT location, particularly if there are multiple network cable connections radiating from the router.

This is often a problem in home-offices where we have seen ONTs installed in bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and other locations that are not ideal.

Moving The ONT

There are different styles and brands of ONT, but all have the same type of fibre connector and all have an ethernet network connection for the end-user router.

The Openreach ONT to the left is shown with its fibre connection (white cable shroud and green plug) and its ethernet network connection (grey cable). It also has a mains transformer connection which is not shown

Although it may seem a daunting task, moving the ONT is in fact easier than installing a network cable extension or a phone extension because all the fibre cable terminations have simple plug-in connectors.

Fibre Connection

The incoming fibre connection is a simplex, single-mode OS2 fibre that is terminated with an SC APC plug connector. This is the green plug shown to the left.

This connects to a corresponding socket on the ONT and can simply be unplugged from the ONT.

Once the incoming fibre connection has been unplugged (together with the router network connection) the ONT can be disconnected from its mains power and removed from the wall.

Take care to keep the tip of the fibre connector clean and undamaged!

Adaptor Box

In order to move the ONT an adaptor box similar to the one shown to the left is needed together with a fibre extension cable of the required length.

The adaptor box is in fact the key component.

The incoming fibre cable would connect to the socket at one side of the adaptor box (it doesn’t matter which side) and the fibre extension cable would connect to the other socket.

The adaptor box is about the same size as a phone extension box, but about half the depth. It doesn’t require any power and can be attached discreetly to the wall using screws or double sided tape.

Fibre Extension Cable

The fibre extension cable needs to be of the same type as the incoming fibre and have the same connectors.

It therefore has to be simplex, single-mode OS2 fibre with SC APC connectors.

To make installation easier it should also have as small a bend radius as possible, ideally 1cm.

Fibre extension cables are readily available pre-terminated in lengths up to 30 metres with longer lengths available to order.

The fibre extension cable would have to be installed with fixings and trunking to suit the individual requirements of each job.

Fibre cable is very thin with a diameter of 2mm compared to 6mm for network cable.

Wall Box Cable Tidy

Unlike network cable, pre-terminated fibre cable can’t be cut without expensive tools and the necessary specialist skills.

A wall box such as the one shown to the left (without its cover) is therefore essential for containing and securing any excess fibre cable.

The wall box shown is the same small size as the adaptor box described above and can accommodate approximately 2 metres of fibre cable.

Larger capacity wall boxes are available.

Completing The Installation

The installation is completed by mounting the ONT on a wall at the desired location and then connecting the fibre extension cable to the same socket that was used to connect the incoming fibre.

The image to the left shows another style of Openreach ONT with the fibre extension cable connected.

All that remains is for the ONT to be connected to the mains power and the end-user router connected to the ONT using a network patch lead.

The featured image at the top of the page shows all the items discussed above connected using a short fibre extension cable.

Relocation Kit

All the above items can be purchased separately from suppliers of fibre accessories.

For your convenience, Premitel have assembled a fibre termination point relocation kit that contains all the items required to move your ONT to another location.

It is available to buy from £29.00, in lengths of up to 30 metres with longer cable lengths available to order.

Just click on this link to view the Premitel Fibre Termination Point Relocation Kit.

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