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How To Reset Yealink VoIP Phone To Default Login

One of our clients had 12 x Yealink T23P phones and had decided to change their VoIP Service Provider.

I had the task of configuring these phones to work with the new VoIP Service Provider.

I thought that this would be relatively simple matter of holding down the OK button for 10 seconds to put the Yealink phones into their factory default before configuring with the new Service Provider details.

This had worked for me before, but unfortunately it did not work this time as a password prompt appeared after the 10 second period.

The default password did not work so I assumed that the phones had somehow been locked.

I searched the Yealink forums for a solution and it seemed that the only option was to carry out a TFTP firmware restore.

While attempting this I accidentally figured out a way of resetting the phones to default without going through the TFTP procedure.

I am not sure how or why this worked, but it worked for my batch of Yealink T23P phones.

Here is the step-by-step procedure that I followed:

  1. Connect phone to a router that issues DHCP IP addresses, but doesn’t have internet connection
  2. Put phone into TFTP mode by holding down speaker button before powering up phone and keep it held down when power is applied.
  3. Wait till IP address screen appears on phone and release speaker button
  4. Just press OK. There is no need to enter any IP addresses.
  5. Power off phone and then power it back on to start the phone’s boot sequence.
    • I think my T23Ps tried to download their configuration during the boot process, but they couldn’t because there was no internet connection.
    • The same effect can be achieved by pushing the skip download at appropriate time but that can be hard to spot during boot sequence.
  6. Once phone is booted up you should obtain its IP address from status menu.
  7. Go to that IP address in your web browser and access the web GUI using admin/admin.
  8. Remove auto provision information under the Settings Tab and that’s it!

I am not sure why, but it appears that putting phone into TFTP mode resets the phone to the default username and password in preparation for uploading the firmware configuration files.

If your firmware has not been corrupted then you can login to the web GUI using the default username and password without starting the TFTP process.

I could be wrong about this and I can’t guarantee that these steps will work for other Yealink phones or even other T23P models.

Nevertheless, I hope that the steps set out above will work for you.

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