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VoIP Phone Service: Best for Business

The Premitel VoIP Phone Service is a feature-rich cloud VoIP solution that is the ideal replacement for analogue and ISDN phone lines and business phone systems before the 2025 switch-off.

Our per-line pricing also makes it a cost-effective choice if you are considering switching from your current VoIP service provider.

Per-Line Pricing

The key difference between the Premitel VoIP Phone Service and most other VoIP services is that our service is charged per-line, rather than per-user.

For most businesses the number of VoIP lines required is usually significantly less than the number of users.

This makes the Premitel VoIP Phone Service a very cost-effective business solution.

What Is Per-Line Pricing?

A VoIP line is similar in concept to an analogue or ISDN line in that it can support one concurrent phone call.

In other words, if you have only a single analogue line you can make, or receive, only one phone call at any one time.

The maximum calling capacity of this single line “phone system” is therefore one concurrent call.

A second phone call can be made, or received, only when the first one has been completed.

If you are a larger business and have (say) 5 x analogue lines then the maximum number of concurrent phone calls that can be supported is 5.

If a 6th calls arrives while all 5 x analogue lines are in use the caller would receive a busy tone.

Therefore, with per-line pricing you are charged according to the maximum number of concurrent phone calls that you want to be able to make and receive.

In the analogue and ISDN world you would order and rent physical phone lines from (say) BT and these would be connected to your on-site phone system.

A cloud VoIP phone system has no physical lines, but the concept is similar as the example below shows.

Per-Line Pricing Example

An office of 50 x staff would typically require a phone for each member of staff and would therefore require a phone system that can support 50 x users.

A typical VoIP phone service would have a per-user charge of around £10 per month.

This would equate to a monthly charge of £500.

Per-line pricing takes account of the fact that not all users are on the phone at the same time.

In an office of 50 x users the maximum number concurrent phone calls that would typically need to be supported would be around 15.

This would include incoming and outgoing external calls together with internal calls.

With Premitel’s per-line pricing starting at £5 per month, the total monthly charge for that same 50 x user business could be as low as £75 per month.

This is a significant saving when compared to per user pricing.

Some businesses with 50 x staff may need more than 15 lines, others may need less.

It depends on the type of business and how often the staff are on the phone.

How Many Lines Would My Business Need?

Without any data, the calculation of the number of lines required for a business phone system is not an exact science.

Initially, we would discuss this with you and use our experience to make an educated guess.

If you are moving from an analogue or ISDN phone system then the number of lines that you currently have is a good starting point for our educated guess.

If you are moving from a VoIP phone system then hopefully there would be some usage statistics available.

After the initial guess things become a lot more scientific.

The Premitel VoIP Phone Service includes free statistics that enable you to determine easily the number of lines required for your business.

You can then use this information to request a tariff change.

Our policy is that you can increase the number of lines at any time, but you can only reduce the number of lines 4 times per year free of charge.

The image below shows a summary of the statistical information that is available from the Premitel VoIP Phone Service.

The “Peak Active Call” figure is equivalent to the maximum number of concurrent calls.

The best policy is to aim for having one or two more lines than the historical average number of “Peak Active Calls”.

This reduces leaves room for growth and reduces significantly the chance of external or internal users receiving busy tone.

Low Cost and Feature Rich

The Premitel VoIP Phone Service is not only a cost-effective business phone system due to its per line pricing, but there is also no compromise on quality and range of features.

Our service can be tailored to suit the needs and budget of most types and size of business from self-employed home workers to businesses with large multi-site operations.

The Premitel VoIP Phone Service also offers many features that are ideal for the new way of working including:

  • roaming extension numbers (in the office, at home & on the move);
  • Microsoft Teams integration; and
  • Smartphone and PC desktop app.

Our service also includes a comprehensive range of business features such as call transfer, voicemail, auto-attendant and call queuing with optional call recording.

The Premitel VoIP Phone Service is therefore a lower-cost, fully featured replacement for your existing on-site office phone system and your analogue or ISDN phone lines.

If you already have a VoIP phone system then you should consider switching to the Premitel VoIP Phone Service to benefit from lower bills and a high quality, fully featured phone service.

It is based on the global Netsapiens Voice Platform which has over 3 million users worldwide.

Flexible Tariff Plans

The Premitel VoIP Phone Service tariff plans are set out in the table below.

For more details on theses tariff plans click on this link.

  • per LINE

  • Inclusive Minutes
  • - UK (01, 02, 03 & 07) *
  • Overage Call Rates **
  • - UK (01, 02 & 03)
  • - UK Mobile
  • Other Calls ***
  • Bronze

  • £5

    per month

    (ex VAT)

  • 200
  • £0.02 per min
  • £0.05 per min
  • See Rate Card
  • Silver

  • £10

    per month

    (ex VAT)

  • 800
  • £0.02 per min
  • £0.05 per min
  • See Rate Card
  • Gold

  • £15

    per month

    (ex VAT)

  • 2000
  • £0.02 per min
  • £0.05 per min
  • See Rate Card

*     Inclusive calls with the 07 prefix are to numbers associated with the UK mobile networks: EE; Three; O2; Orange; Virgin; and Vodafone.

**   Overage is the call charge rate that would apply after the inclusive call minute limit has been breached.

*** Our rate card for Other Calls (eg premium rate calls and international calls) is available on request.

No Minimum Contract

Unlike most other VoIP phone services, there is no minimum contract period with the Premitel service.

The whole service or any part of the service can be ceased at the end of the current billing month.

A free trial of the service is available with a refund of any equipment purchased in the event that the service is not suitable for any reason.

Supports a Wide Range of Phones

The Premitel VoIP Phone Service is an open system to which any VoIP phone that supports the SIP standard can connect.

This means that there are a wide range of phones to choose from including desk phones and cordless phones.

VoIP desk phones are available from £40 (plus vat) and cordless phones from £95 (plus vat).

We also offer a VoIP phone adaptor for £49 (plus vat) that enables existing analogue phones to be used over standard telephone wiring.

Smartphone and desktop PC or laptop apps are included at no extra charge.

It may therefore not be necessary to buy any new phones to start using the Premitel VoIP Phone Service!

Easy Switching

Premitel will ensure that making the switch to our VoIP phone service is as painless as possible.

We will handle the transfer of existing phone numbers and configure the service and the phones to meet your specific requirements.

The cost of either a new phone number or the transfer of an existing number is a one-off charge of £10 plus vat.

In the unlikely event that our service does not meet your requirements you can easily switch to another provider by migrating your phone number(s) to your new service provider.

Get In Touch

For more information on the Premitel VoIP Phone Service please use the contact form below to request expert personal advice on your specific requirement or to discuss any other telecommunications or internet issue.

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