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What type of phone do I need for STARLINK?

The traditional phone network that is based on copper cable connections to local exchanges will be phased out by December 2025 and will be replaced by internet phone services.

These are usually referred to as VoIP or digital voice services.

At the same time there will be a widespread migration to Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) internet connections in homes and offices across the UK.

However, many homes and businesses, particularly in remote areas, can’t get a fast fibre connection and are switching to satellite broadband services such as STARLINK.

Fortunately, the Premitel VoIP Phone Service will work over any broadband connection including STARLINK.

This means that STARLINK customers can keep their existing phone number and continue to use existing phone equipment.

Premitel Can Help

If you are switching to STARLINK, Premitel can guide you through the minefield of migrating your existing home or business landline phone service to our VoIP phone service, while retaining your existing phone number(s).

You will be able to use our web-phone and smart-phone apps over a STARLINK internet connection without any additional equipment.

However, if you wish to use existing analogue phones, or new VoIP phones, you will need as a minimum the STARLINK ethernet adaptor.

Premitel can provide expert advice on various STARLINK connection scenarios.

Premitel VoIP Phone Service

With an entry level price of just £5.00 (plus vat) per month that includes 200 minutes of UK landline and mobile calls, the Premitel VoIP Phone Service is the perfect choice for homes and businesses of all sizes and types across the UK.

Our feature-rich service is not only a better solution than existing analogue or ISDN phone lines, but also costs less!

The key difference between the Premitel VoIP Phone Service and most other VoIP services is that our service is charged per-line, rather than per-user.

This makes the Premitel VoIP Phone service a very cost-effective solution for both residential and business users.

And, we do all the admin to ensure that you keep your existing phone numbers.

We can also advise on how to keep your existing telephone handsets and use your existing internal wiring.

For more details on the Premitel VoIP Phone Service and tariff plans click on this link.

Alternatively, you can contact us using the form below if you have some specific questions.

In the paragraphs below the contact form you can read more detailed information on VoIP phone services, VoIP phones and adaptors and the number transfer process.

Internet Phone Services

By December 2025 all end-users who wish to continue with a “landline” phone service and keep their existing phone numbers will need to connect to an internet phone service.

They will also need new internet phones or an adaptor that will enable connection of their existing analogue phones and wiring to an internet phone service.

Internet phones and services are often referred to as VoIP, which is short for Voice over Internet Protocol.

Internet phone service are also referred to as digital voice services with VoIP phones referred to as digital phones.

Keep Your Existing Phone Number

Ofcom have recently introduced some new rules for transferring phone numbers to a VoIP phone service.

In summary, these rules are designed to ensure that when you cancel your existing analogue landline and internet service and switch to a new internet-only service, your previous service provider must hold on to your phone number for at least one month and during that period make it available to be transferred to your chosen VoIP service provider.

These new rules are useful if everything goes smoothly, but there are still some pitfalls which mean there is a risk of loss of phone or internet service for a period of time.

We can advise on minimising this risk and will ensure as far as possible a seamless migration to the Premitel VoIP phone Service

If you need more advice on this process then please contact Premitel.

Power Cuts

One of the benefits of analogue phone lines and basic analogue phones is that they are powered from the telephone exchange and are therefore usually unaffected by a mains electricity power cut.

One of the disadvantages of an internet phone service is that it needs mains power to operate the phones and the internet equipment..

This means that a there will be no internet or phone service in the event of a power cut.

If this is a major issue the only answer is a battery backup solution to which your STARLINK equipment and phone equipment would be need to be connected.

In our shop we sell a power fail battery backup solution that should give about two hours of continuous operation in the event of a power cut.

Our battery backup box is shown above left and can be purchased from the Premitel shop by clicking on this link.

Premitel VoIP Phone Service

Many internet service providers offer a VoIP phone service, but they typically offer very little support especially for end-users (such as small businesses) whose requirements are a bit more complex than the average end-user.

A better VoIP phone service and better support are available from specialist service providers (such as Premitel) who not only offer a wider range of telephone handsets, but can also provide advice on the implementation of a VoIP phone service that is tailored to the end-user requirements.

The Premitel VoIP Phone Service runs on the global NetSapiens platform which serves more than 3 million users in over 50 countries.

There is no contract for the Premitel VoIP Phone Service. Your commitment is to the end of the current billing month.

Connecting to the Premitel VoIP Phone Service is an informal process where you get in touch by email or phone to discuss your specific requirements.

This enables us to provide a personal service where we can discuss not only your phone requirements, but also related issues such as the phone number transfer process and how to use existing phones and wiring.

For more details on the Premitel VoIP Phone Service click on this link.

Premitel Tariffs

Unlike most other VoIP services, the Premitel VoIP Phone Service is charged per line, rather than per user.

A VoIP line is similar to an analogue or ISDN line and is equivalent to the number of concurrent calls that can be made or received.

A residential customer would typically require only one line 

For most multi-user businesses the number of lines required is usually significantly less than the number of users.

This makes the Premitel VoIP Phone Service a very cost-effective business phone system.

The Premitel VoIP Phone Service tariff table is set out below with more details at this link.

  • per LINE

  • Inclusive Minutes
  • - UK (01, 02, 03 & 07) *
  • Overage Call Rates **
  • - UK (01, 02 & 03)
  • - UK Mobile
  • Other Calls ***
  • Bronze

  • £5

    per month

    (ex VAT)

  • 200
  • £0.02 per min
  • £0.05 per min
  • See Rate Card
  • Silver

  • £10

    per month

    (ex VAT)

  • 800
  • £0.02 per min
  • £0.05 per min
  • See Rate Card
  • Gold

  • £15

    per month

    (ex VAT)

  • 2000
  • £0.02 per min
  • £0.05 per min
  • See Rate Card

*     Inclusive calls with the 07 prefix are to numbers associated with the UK mobile networks: EE; Three; O2; Orange; Virgin; and Vodafone.

**   Overage is the call charge rate that would apply after the inclusive call minute limit has been breached.

*** Our rate card for Other Calls (eg premium rate calls and international calls) is available on request.

VoIP Phones and Adaptors

As mentioned above, phones that can make and receive calls over an internet connection are commonly known as VoIP phones and sometimes as digital phones.

A device known as an analogue terminal adaptor (ATA) enables existing analogue phones and wiring to be connected to a VoIP phone service. Some internet routers have an integrated ATA.

It is important to note that you can’t just buy a VoIP phone or ATA online or in a shop and expect it to work.

All VoIP phones and ATAs need to be configured with at least a server web address and a user name and password.

This is usually done by the VoIP service provider, who would also supply pre-configured VoIP phones and ATAs.

However, if you can obtain the configuration settings from your service provider then you should be able to buy an unconfigured VoIP phone and get it working, but you would need to know what you are doing.

All VoIP phones and ATAs plug into a spare ethernet port on your internet router or a connected network switch.

In addition to the VoIP phone and ATA described below, Premitel can supply a wide range of VoIP phones to suit all home and office requirements.

If you don’t need a physical home or office VoIP phone (such as a cordless phone or desk phone) the Premitel VoIP Phone Service includes free smart phone and web browser phone apps.

There are many customers who use only these apps for making and receiving calls.

Premitel also offer a VoIP to Mobile Phone service that automatically redirects calls to your old home or office landline phone number to your mobile phone. See below for more details.

Yealink W73P – Cordless VoIP Phone

One of our best selling VoIP phones is the Yealink W73P DECT cordless phone.

The W73P has HD sound quality and can support up to 10 x handsets. It also has excellent range which can be boosted if necessary by installing repeaters.

The Yealink W73P is very flexible as its handsets are separate from its base. The base would connect to the end-user router and the handset(s) can be located anywhere in the home or office that is within range of the base.

Premitel can supply the Yealink W73P for £89 (inc vat)

Although the Yealink W73P can be connected to any VoIP phone service, we supply it pre-configured for connection to the Premitel VoIP Phone Service.

Our price includes transfer of your existing number or the supply of a new number with the area code of your choice.

Click this link to purchase a preconfigured Yealink W73P.

Grandstream HT801 – VoIP ATA (Analogue Terminal Adaptor)

Unless you are in a new-build property then there is the distinct possibility that there are a number of existing phones plugged into extension sockets throughout your premises. These extension sockets would be wired back to the phone line master socket.

To keep your existing sockets and/or phones it is necessary to use a device known as an analogue terminal adaptor (ATA).

If you have just one phone then you would simply unplug it from your existing phone socket and plug it into the ATA using the supplied connector.

If you have multiple phones connected to extension sockets then it would be necessary to connect the ATA to your existing extension wiring.

To achieve this you would first disconnect the old copper phone line from the master socket and then connect the master socket to the ATA using the cables and connectors supplied with the ATA.

Please note that disconnecting the old copper line from the master socket is vital as there could still be voltage on the line which would damage the ATA.

The phone port of the Grandstream ATA shown above (green socket) would plug into the master socket and the ethernet port of the ATA (blue socket) would plug into a spare port on the router.

Premitel offer the Grandstream HT801 ATA together with a kit containing all the leads and connectors that are necessary to connect the ATA to a master socket and to a router. The Premitel ATA and kit are available for £59.00.

Although the Grandstream HT801 ATA can be connected to any VoIP phone service, we supply it pre-configured for connection to the Premitel VoIP Phone Service.

Our price includes transfer of your existing number or the supply of a new number with the area code of your choice.

Click this link to purchase the Grandstream HT801.

Yeastar TA100 – VoIP ATA (Analogue Terminal Adaptor)

We also offer the Yeastar TA100 ATA which is suitable for a single analogue phone connection.

This would include a multi-handset analogue DECT cordless phone which would have a single phone connection to its base.

We can supply Yeastar TA100 ATA for only £39.00.

Although the Yeastar TA100 can be connected to any VoIP phone service, we supply it pre-configured for connection to the Premitel VoIP Phone Service.

Our price includes transfer of your existing number or the supply of a new number with the area code of your choice.

Click this link to purchase the Yeastar TA100.

VoIP to Mobile Phone Service

There are a significant number of end-users who do not need a VoIP phone service and are happy to rely solely on their mobile phones for making and receiving calls.

However, they would still like to be able to receive calls to their old landline hone line number.

This can be achieved by transferring the landline phone line number to a VoIP phone service and then implementing a permanent divert from that number to a mobile phone number.

Premitel can offer a basic VoIP to mobile service for £3 (plus vat) per-month.

We also offer a premium service for £5 (plus vat) per-month that would block most “spam” calls and all “robot” calls to the landline number.

The premium service would also give callers the option of choosing where they want their call to be routed (eg Husband, Wife, Son or Daughter’s mobile phone).

Get In Touch

For more information on the Premitel VoIP Phone Service please use the contact form below to request expert personal advice on your specific requirement or to discuss any other telecommunications or internet issue.

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