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What type of phone do I need for fibre-to-the-home broadband?

Over the next few years there will be a widespread migration to Fibre-to-the-Home (or Fibre-to-the-Premises) and internet-only broadband connections.

At the same time the traditional phone network that is based on copper cabling will be phased out and will be replaced by internet phone services.

End-users who want to continue to have a home phone service and keep their existing phone number will need to subscribe to an internet phone service.

They will also need new internet phones or an adaptor that will enable connection of their existing phones.

Internet Phone Service

Internet phone services are often referred to as VoIP services. VoIP is short for Voice over Internet Protocol.

Most internet service providers offer a chargeable VoIP phone service, but they typically offer very little support especially for customers whose requirements are a bit more complex than the average customer.

A better VoIP service and better support is available from specialist service providers (such as Premitel) who not only offer a wider range of telephone handset, but can provide advice on the implementation of a VoIP phone system that is better suited to the customer requirements.

Premitel offer a basic VoIP phone service similar to a landline service for £4.00 per month (plus vat). This includes voicemail.

Additional features and services are available at extra cost. These would include:

  • inclusive anytime UK landline and mobile calls;
  • multiple phone numbers (eg for home and business);
  • office phone system features with additional extensions;
  • call recording; and 
  • auto attendant.

A new phone number would incur a one-off charge of £10.00 (plus vat). Transferring an existing phone number would cost £15.00 (plus vat).

After the first three months the Premitel phone service can be cancelled at any time by giving one month’s notice.

VoIP Internet Phones

Cordless VoIP Phones for fibre broadbandAll VoIP internet phones plug into a spare ethernet port on the broadband router.

One of our best selling VoIP phones is the Yealink W53P digital cordless phones.

The W53P has HD sound quality and can support up to 8 x handsets. It also has excellent range which can be boosted if necessary by installing repeaters.

The Yealink W53P is very flexible as its handsets are separate from its base. The base would connect to the end-user router and the handset(s) can be located anywhere within the home.

Premitel can supply the Yealink W53P for £85.00 (plus vat) with free delivery.

Although the Yealink W53P can be connected to any VoIP phone service, we can supply it configured for the Premitel VoIP phone service if required.

Get in touch using our contact form to discuss your requirements and/or to purchase the Yealink W53P

Using Existing Phones

VoIP Analogue Termainal AdaptorUnless the end-user is in a new-build property then there is the distinct possibility that there are a number of existing phones plugged into extension sockets throughout the home. These extension sockets would be wired back to the phone line master socket.

If the end-user wants to keep their existing sockets and phones then it is necessary to disconnect the phone line from the master socket and connect the master socket to the router via a device called an Analogue Terminal Adaptor (ATA).

The phone port of the Grandstream ATA shown above (green socket) would plug into the master socket and the ethernet port of the ATA (blue socket in phone above) would plug into a spare port on the router.

Premitel offer the Grandstream ATA together with a kit containing the leads and adaptors that are necessary to connect the ATA to a master socket and to a router. The Premitel ATA and kit are available for £49.00 (plus vat) with free delivery.

Although the Grandstream ATA can be connected to any VoIP phone service, we can supply it configured for the Premitel VoIP phone service if required.

Get in touch using our contact form to discuss your requirements and/or to purchase the Grandstream ATA.

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