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What type of phone do I need for fibre-to-the-premises broadband?

The traditional phone network that is based on copper cable connections to local exchanges will be phased out by December 2025 and will be replaced by internet phone services.

In parallel with this there will be a widespread migration to Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) internet-only broadband connections in homes and offices across the UK.

For those few premises that won’t have FTTP by December 2025, the analogue phone service will be removed from the copper broadband connection so that the copper line to the premises will support only a broadband internet connection.

In summary, irrespective of whether your broadband service is provided over fibre or copper, you will need to have an internet phone service before December 2025 if you want to continue with your landline phone number.

Let Premitel guide you through the minefield of migrating your existing home or business landline phone service to an internet phone service that will operate on a new broadband-only connection using your existing phone numbers.

You can read our tips and general advice below or you can contact us if you have some specific questions.

Internet Phone Service

By December 2025 all end-users who wish to continue with a “landline” phone service and keep their existing phone numbers will need to connect to an internet phone service.

They will also need new internet phones or an adaptor that will enable connection of their existing phones.

Internet phones and services are often referred to as VoIP, which is short for Voice over Internet Protocol.

It is also increasingly common for VoIP phones to be referred to as digital phones.

Keep Your Existing Phone Number

One of the key requirements when switching to a VoIP phone service is the ability to keep existing phone numbers.

While it is certainly possible to keep your existing phone number(s) when transferring to a VoIP internet phone service, the process is not without pitfalls which could result in you being stuck with an unsuitable phone service or even losing your phone number(s).

The risk is that your copper landline phone number is adopted into your new fibre broadband contract.

If that happens you would be stuck with the VoIP phone service and equipment offered by your fibre broadband provider which may not meet your requirements.

We have even come across cases where the fibre broadband service provider does not offer a VoIP phone service and the phone number is lost during the migration.

The problem is that when your phone number is adopted into your new fibre broadband contract, it is typically not possible to transfer your phone number to another service provider until the fibre contract ends (typically after 24 months).

Migration Advice

In the meantime, to avoid this situation our advice is not to migrate your existing copper based broadband and phone service to a new fibre broadband service.

Instead, you should order a new separate internet-only (ie without a phone service) fibre broadband service on a new contract from a new provider, or from your existing provider.

In other words you would keep your existing copper phone line running alongside your new fibre broadband. This would only be for a short period.

When your new fibre broadband service is up and running you can then choose the VoIP phone service provider that meets your requirements and then ask them to take over your phone number.

[NB A VoIP phone service will work over any broadband connection from any provider.]

When your phone number transfers to the VoIP service provider your existing copper phone line will cease, leaving you with a new fibre broadband service and a VoIP internet phone service that meets your requirements.

If you need more advice on this process then please contact Premitel.

Don’t Link Phone Service to Broadband Contract

Our view is that you should not have your phone service linked to your broadband contract.

There were good reasons for this in the past when you could not have a broadband service without a phone line.

The situation is different now.

Your phone service is now just another “app” that runs over the internet and as such there is no reason for it to be bundled with your broadband contract.

It should therefore be considered as being similar to other internet “apps” such as Outlook (email), Netflix (streaming video), Dropbox (online storage), Facebook (social media) etc etc.

Premitel Internet Phone Service

Most broadband service providers offer a VoIP phone service, but they typically offer very little support especially for end-users (such as small businesses) whose requirements are a bit more complex than the average end-user.

Better VoIP phone services and better support are available from specialist service providers (such as Premitel) who not only offer a wider range of telephone handsets, but can also provide advice on the implementation of a VoIP phone service that is better suited to the end-user requirements.

Premitel’s basic VoIP phone service is similar to a traditional landline service. It costs £6.00 per month (inc vat) and includes voicemail and unlimited calls to UK landlines and standard UK mobile numbers.

Additional features and services are available at extra cost. These would include:

  • multiple phone numbers (eg for home and business);
  • office phone system features with additional extensions;
  • blocking of nuisance, scam and robot phone calls;
  • smart phone app;
  • call recording; and 
  • auto attendant.

A new phone number would incur a one-off charge of £12.00 (inc vat). Transferring an existing phone number would also cost £12.00 (inc vat).

Unlike other internet phone service providers, the Premitel phone service has no minimum contract period and can be cancelled at the end of the next billing month.

VoIP Internet Phones

As mentioned above, phones that can make and receive calls over broadband internet connection are commonly known as VoIP phones and sometimes as digital phones.

It is important to note that you can’t just buy a VoIP phone online or in a shop and expect it to work.

All VoIP phones need to be configured with at least a server web address and a user name and password.

This is usually done by the VoIP service provider, who would also supply the VoIP phones.

In theory, if you can obtain the configuration settings from your service provider then you should be able to buy an unconfigured VoIP phone get it working, but you would need to know what you are doing.

All VoIP internet phones plug into a spare ethernet port on your broadband router or a connected network switch.

In addition to the VoIP phone and adaptor described below, Premitel can supply a wide range of VoIP phones to suit all home and office requirements.

If you don’t need a home or office VoIP phone we also offer a VoIP to Mobile Phone service for £3.00 per month that automatically redirects calls to your old home or office landline phone number to your mobile phone. See below for more details.

Yealink W73P – Cordless VoIP Phone

One of our best selling VoIP phones is the Yealink W73P DECT cordless phone.

The W73P has HD sound quality and can support up to 10 x handsets. It also has excellent range which can be boosted if necessary by installing repeaters.

The Yealink W73P is very flexible as its handsets are separate from its base. The base would connect to the end-user router and the handset(s) can be located anywhere in the home or office that is within range of the base.

Premitel can supply the Yealink W73P for £99 (inc vat)

Although the Yealink W73P can be connected to any VoIP phone service, we supply it pre-configured for connection to the Premitel Internet Phone Service.

Our price includes transfer of your existing number or the supply of a new number with the area code of your choice.

Click this link to purchase a preconfigured Yealink W73P.

Grandstream HT801 – VoIP ATA (Analogue Terminal Adaptor)

Unless you are in a new-build property then there is the distinct possibility that there are a number of existing phones plugged into extension sockets throughout your premises. These extension sockets would be wired back to the phone line master socket.

To keep your existing sockets and/or phones it is necessary to use a device known as an analogue terminal adaptor (ATA).

If you have just one phone then you would simply unplug it from your existing phone socket and plug it into the ATA using the supplied connector.

If you have multiple phones connected to extension sockets then it would be necessary connect the ATA to your existing extension wiring.

To achieve this you would first disconnect the old copper phone line from the master socket and then connect the master socket to the ATA using the cables and connectors supplied with the ATA.

The phone port of the Grandstream ATA shown above (green socket) would plug into the master socket and the ethernet port of the ATA (blue socket) would plug into a spare port on the router.

Premitel offer the Grandstream HT801 ATA together with a kit containing all the leads and connectors that are necessary to connect the ATA to a master socket and to a router. The Premitel ATA and kit are available for £59.00.

Although the Grandstream HT801 ATA can be connected to any VoIP phone service, we supply it pre-configured for connection to the Premitel Internet Phone Service.

Our price includes transfer of your existing number or the supply of a new number with the area code of your choice.

Click this link to purchase the Grandstream HT801.

VoIP to Mobile Phone Service

There are a significant number of end-users who do not need a VoIP phone service and are happy to rely solely on their mobile phones for making and receiving calls.

However, they would still like to be able to receive calls to their old copper phone line number.

This can be achieved by transferring the copper phone line number to a VoIP phone service and then implementing a permanent divert from that number to a mobile phone number.

Premitel can offer a basic VoIP to mobile service for £3.00 per month (inc vat).

We also offer a premium service for £4.50 per month (inc vat) that would block most “spam” calls and all “robot” calls to the landline number.

The premium service would also give callers the option of choosing where they want their call to be routed (eg Husband, Wife, Son or Daughter’s mobile phone).

Get in touch using our contact form if you are interested in the Premitel VoIP to Mobile Service.

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