Rural Clients With Slow Broadband

We have a number of rural clients who are connected to BT exchanges that offer limited internet connectivity in terms of the speeds available.

To make matters worse, our rural clients are often served by telephone lines that are over 3 miles from the exchange and of poor quality.

Consequently, many struggle to achieve a broadband speed that is much above 1 Mbps.

One solution that is increasingly becoming a viable option is fixed high speed wireless broadband from the mobile operators Vodafone, O2, EE & Three.

The technology used is known as 4G LTE and is usually an option if one of these networks has good mobile coverage at our client’s premises.

If there is good coverage then it is usually possible to achieve broadband speeds that are typically between 10 and 30 Mbps.

To take advantage of this solution a 4G LTE router is required.

There are many different types available starting from £125 for an indoor model. Usually this is all that is required.

Sometimes a high gain antenna is required to boost the signal strength and the speed. This can be mounted internally or externally.

One client had no signal at all inside his premises, but we were able to achieve broadband speeds 20Mbps by mounting an antenna externally on a pole like a TV antenna.

adabtage…no phone line required.

solution not just for rural…anywhere there is poor speed and good mobile coverage.




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