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Bjorn Borg Retail

Bjorn Borg Retail’s UK head-office is in central London. Their UK Managing Director had previously had assistance from Premitel when he was with Pringle of Scotland.

He asked Premitel for advice on Bjorn Borg Retail’s requirement for a new phone system to support the growth in their business and the consequent growth in staff numbers and phone calls.

His preferred option was for cordless handsets for all staff.

Rather than install a traditional phone system our recommended solution was a hosted VoIP system with cordless handsets.

With this solution there would be no need to supply and install any on-site phone system equipment apart from the cordless base that would be connected to their internet router.

The cordless system that we provided was the RTX 8660 base with RTX 8630 handsets.

We also provided a second internet connection dedicated for VoIP calls.

A few month later we provided the complete telecommunications and internet infrastructure for Bjorn Borg’s new retail store in the London Designer Outlet shopping mall near Wembley Stadium.

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