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Bristo Baptist Church

Bristo Baptist Church in the west end of Edinburgh asked Premitel to propose a solution for providing WiFi coverage throughout the Church premises for staff and the many guest users and organisations that frequent the Church buildings. 

This was not straightforward due to the size of the Church, the large open areas and the thickness of the walls.

Fortunately, Premitel had previous experience with this type of WiFi project at Dalkeith Palace for the University of Wisconsin in Scotland and at the Church of St Andrew & St George West in nearby George Street

Following a survey, we established that 7 x wireless access points would be required and that these would need to have a controller to enable easy management of multiple networks, to support load balancing and to enforce security policies.

The Premitel solution also ensured the best possible performance by proposing equipment that supported the latest 5 Ghz AC WiFi standard.

The committee at Bristo Baptist Church accepted our proposal and asked Premitel to design, supply, install and configure the proposed WiFi solution. To minimise costs Church members and staff carried out most of the labour intensive cable installation under our guidance.

Our WiFi solution has been implemented successfully and is now delivering fast internet connectivity throughout the Church premises.

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