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Colania Dene Holiday Lodges

Colania Dene is an exclusive development of luxury wooden lodges near Coldingham in the Scottish Borders.

During the planning stage for the site, Premitel were asked to design, supply and install a wireless network that would meet the expected demand for WiFi internet access for guests staying at the site.

A major issue during the initial planning of the network was the fact that the internet connectivity to the site was very poor.

There was no high speed internet with the only option being a relatively slow ADSL internet connection. This would clearly not be sufficient to meet the internet connectivity speeds expected by guests.

Fortunately, during the early discussions about the project, Vodafone activated a 4G mast in the field next to the planned holiday lodge.

The Vodafone 4G signal offered speeds approaching 40Mbps.

We decided therefore to use a combination of ADSL and 4G to provide the internet connectivity to the site during its first phase of development which provided service to 4 lodges.

When the site grows to its maximum size of 16 lodges it is likely that a leased line internet connection or some other solution will be required.

Our first phase solution to provide service to 4 lodges comprised:

  • 1 x ADSL internet connection
  • 1 x Vodafone 4G internet connection with high throughput MIMO antenna and modem
  • 1 x dual internet router
  • 1 x controller to enable management and billing of guest WiFi
  • 1 x Point to Multi Point 5GHz wireless distribution system to each lodge
  • 1 x wireless access point inside each lodge to provide WiFi coverage for guests

The wireless distribution system comprises a master radio with a 90 degree antenna at the entrance to the site with a slave radio/antenna mounted externally on each lodge.

The picture above shows a lodge with its small white external antenna at the back.

When new lodges are added to the site it will be a simple matter to connect them to the existing wireless distribution system.

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