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Drummohr Holiday Park

Drummohr Holiday Park near Edinburgh contacted Premitel in a panic when their guest WiFi network stopped working.

The company that provided and supported their WiFi network had gone out of business and could not help.

Reconfigure Existing Network

Because all the wireless equipment was password protected Premitel had to dismantle the complete network and reset each item of equipment to its default settings and configure the network and equipment from scratch.

Some key equipment had gone faulty and had to be replaced. In particular we had to supply and configure a new guest internet access system.

Guest WiFi Access

A guest internet access system is a crucial element of any WiFi network, not only for caravan & holiday parks such as Drummohr, but also for all businesses (such as hotels & guest houses) that offer internet access to the general public.

A guest internet access system provides the following:

  • it keeps the guest WiFi service legal as it enables service operator to fulfill their obligation to record usage information for every person that uses the service. This is essential to prevent public WiFi networks being used for criminal activities such as copyright theft, planning terrorist attacks or downloading child porn;
  • it enables the service operator to take payment from guests that use the WiFi service which in turn provides a useful source of revenue;
  • it automatically manages access to the internet in such a way that all user are treated fairly and that no user can monopolise internet bandwidth by (for example) downloading or watching videos; and
  • it helps keeps you and your guests safe from WiFi hackers and distributors of malware.
Network Implementation

Within a few days the wireless equipment at Drummohr Holiday Park was re-installed and re-configured and the site WiFi network was once again providing a valued service for guests and a valuable source of income for the holiday park.

The Drummohr site WiFi network comprises:

  • an interet router;
  • a guest internet access system;
  • a 6 x node backhaul network; and
  • 6 x wireless access points at various locations across the Holiday Park.
Network & Internet Upgrade

In the months since getting the WiFi network operational we also upgraded the network equipment and installed a structured cabling system.

More importantly, we assisted with the supply and configuration of a high speed internet connection from a local Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) who were able to get a line-of-sight wireless connection from their mast on a nearby hill.

The owners, staff and guests at Drummohr Holiday Park now benefit from an internet connection that is 20 times faster than the connection that they had previously.

It was also possible to offset most of the cost of the high speed internet connection by ceasing redundant BT lines and internet services.

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