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Duncan Smith Dental

Duncan Smith Dental is a busy dental practice in East Lothian who depend on a reliable phone system that can be tailored to their specific requirements.

Premitel supplied and installed a 14 x  extension VoIP phone system to replace their ISDN system. Installation was relatively straightforward because we had already installed a Cat5e structured cabling system a few years before.

One of the key benefits of the VoIP system is that it provides more flexibility in handling incoming calls with features such as:

  • voicemail to email;
  • auto-attendant;
  • call queuing;
  • customised out of hours and holiday announcements; and 
  • a smartphone app for making and receiving calls and managing the phone system when out of the office.

It was also possible to integrate their door entry system with the phone system so that visitors could speak to selected staff extension phones and these could be used to operate the door entry mechanism.

Premitel continue to support Duncan Smith Dental and, in particular, assisted with configuring the phone system to match the changed operational requirement during the Covid pandemic.

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