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East Lothian Villa

The owner of large modern villa in East Lothian asked Premitel to solve his long-standing problem of poor WiFi connectivity throughout the villa. Good WiFi is essential as he works from home and his children need fast internet for their schoolwork.

Everyone in the villa also needs good WiFi for streaming video on multiple devices in various locations within the villa.

Internet Connection

The villa has a good fast fibre-to-the-cabinet internet connection, but the WiFi router that was provided by the service provider could only provide a good WiFi signal in a very small area of the villa.

BT Mesh WiFi

BT had sent their heavily advertised mesh WiFi devices, but these were useless because of the size of the villa and the thick internal walls which blocked the WiFi signal between each mesh unit.

Our experience is that mesh WiFi is of limited use in a building with thick walls. These act as a significant barrier to the creation of the mesh. This can be overcome to some extent by installing additional mesh units, but that slows everything down.

The Premitel Solution

After a survey we concluded that the only reliable solution would be to install 6 wireless access points at strategic locations within the villa and connect these by ethernet cable to the internet router via a network switch.

In order to do that we decided to relocate the internet connection to a comms hub in the garage and install a new router and network switch in a comms cabinet. This enabled the ethernet cables to be routed externally (to each wireless access point) rather than via difficult and obtrusive cable routes within the villa.

Each wireless access point was mounted at height with the ethernet cable drilled through the external wall and terminated as close as possible to the access point. The ethernet cable provided power to each wireless access point from the power-over-ethernet switch in the comms cabinet.

The customer is very happy with the end result. He and his family now have excellent WiFi coverage providing fast internet connectivity throughout the villa.

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