Edinburgh Backpackers

Edinburgh Backpackers believed that they were spending too much money on their telecommunications and internet services, but they could never find the time to review their bills.

It didn’t help that they had bills from multiple service providers that were dozens of pages long and which were so full of jargon that was difficult to understand and correlate with the services that they were actually using.

We were asked to review their bills to determine if there were any opportunities for reducing their telecommunications and internet expenditure.

We could see immediately that there were opportunities for some marginal savings simply by switching to cheaper tariffs and ceasing unused services. However, we could also see that there were opportunities for significant savings by upgrading and rationalising their network infrastructure and services and switching to a hosted VoIP solution.

Our proposal for achieving these savings was accepted and as a result Edinburgh Backpackers are now benefiting from a reduction in expenditure on telecommunications and internet services of £450 per month. The cost of upgrading the network infrastructure was paid for in less than 9 months.

These savings of £450 per month do not include the additional savings in maintenance and support costs that were associated with their ageing phone system.

In addition to significant savings in monthly expenditure, the network upgrade resulted in improvements to internet speeds and provided Edinburgh Backpackers with a phone system that offered significant operational benefits compared to their previous system

Although most of the work was done at Edinburgh Backpacker’s head office and main hostel in the centre of Edinburgh, we also carried out similar upgrades (but on a smaller scale) at their other Scottish sites in Dundee and at Belford Road in Edinburgh.

The switch to a hosted VoIP solution at the other sites generated further savings as the cost of calling between VoIP phones at different sites is now free.

Get in touch with us if you have a specific requirement or if you wish to discuss how your business could make better and more cost-effective use of its existing telecommunications and internet infrastructure and services.

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