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Edinburgh Citypads

Edinburgh Citypads are a property letting agent in the centre of Edinburgh. They specialise in short term lets to students and visitors to the City.

A regular problem is that clients expect an internet connection in the properties that they rent out.

This is not a trivial problem as the interent connection has to be put in the tenants name and requires services to be ceased and ordered with BT each time one tenant moves out and another moves in.

Citypads asked Premitel’s advice on how to solve this administrative headache.

Our solution was for Citypads to buy a number of 4G routers with pay-as-you-go 4G sim cards. Fortunately most of Citypads properties are in areas with good 4G coverage.

Each time a tenant in a property changed Citypads would take the 4G router from the outgoing tenant and provide it to the new tenant.

The new tenant would be charged a deposit and a service charge and would be responsible for topping up the 4G service with the required amount of data.

This solved an administrative problem for Citypads and provided tenants with an immediate good quality internet connection.

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