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Elliott and Company

Founded in 1991, Elliott and Company are an award winning structural engineering practice based in the centre of Edinburgh.

They have built a sound reputation for working on Historic Buildings, Ancient Monuments as well as highly bespoke modern structures. 

Replace Obsolete ISDN Phone System

Premitel were asked by Elliott and Company to submit a proposal for replacing the ISDN phone system which we had installed 10 years previously. It had become end-of-life with consequent withdrawal of maintenance support.

They were also aware of the phasing out of ISDN lines by December 2025.

Hosted VoIP Phone System

Premitel submitted a proposal for a 10 x extension hosted VoIP phone system which was accepted.

Elliott and Company now have a phone system that costs less to run the previous system and offers many additional features that benefit the day-to-day operations. These include:

  • automatic and flexible time-of-day call routing;
  • auto-attendant with call forward to mobile phone;
  • smartphone and PC apps;
  • voicemail to email;
  • custom announcement; and
  • home working.

Our proposal also took account of the upgrades necessary for the local network so that it supported power over ethernet.


Fortunately, implementation was relatively straightforward because we had already installed a Cat5e structured cabling system a few years before.

Ongoing Support

Premitel continue to support Elliott and Company by providing tweaks, updates and configuration changes to the phone system in response to their changing operational requirement, particularly during the Covid lockdown. This is all covered by the VoIP service charge.

One of the benefits of a hosted VoIP solution is that such changes can be done remotely and can be implemented immediately.

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About Us

Premitel are an established telecommunications & internet solutions provider serving primarily Edinburgh, the Lothians & Scottish Borders, although we have a few clients throughout the UK and overseas.

Our customers are typically businesses, although that includes the increasing number of home workers.

We specialise in:

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