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Glen-Net Community Broadband

Glen-Net is the community superfast broadband network that serves the residents of Glen Estate and the nearby village of Kirkhouse. Glen Estate comprises approx 30 individual buildings in which approx 60 residents live.

Before Glen-Net was implemented the residents suffered from very low broadband speed as they were literally at the end of the telephone lines that connected their properties to the Innerleithen Exchange.

Following the successful implementation of a WiFi network at Glen House, Premitel were asked to design and implement a cost-effective solution that would provide the residents of Glen Estate with superfast broadband.

The solution comprises:

  • a leased line fibre connection from an internet service provider to break-out premises at Innerleithen
  • a fixed wireless backhaul connection from the Innerleithen break-out premises to Glen House via a relay station on the hills overlooking Glen House
  • three point-to-multi-point high capacity wireless radios that are connected to the backhaul connection and which serve the residents of Glen Estate and Kirkhouse Village
  • external radios mounted on resident properties that are connected wirelessly to the point-to-multi-point radios
  • cable connections from the external radios to WiFi routers within resident’s premises.

Premitel operate and manage Glen-Net on behalf of Glen Estate.

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