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Hilly Cow Wigwams

Hilly Cow Wigwams provide a unique holiday experience on a working farm in West Lothian.

Premitel were asked to design, supply and install a wireless network that would meet the increasing demand for WiFi internet access for their guests.

The owner of the farm also asked us to improve WiFi internet access within the farm both for business and family use.

When surveying the job we discovered that the existing internet connection that served the farm would not be able to support the additional internet usage that the Wigwam guests would generate.

We therefore recommended the provision of a second internet connection solely for use by guests.

Our solution comprised:

  • 2 x ADSL internet connections
  • 1 x dual internet router
  • 2 x wireless access points to provide comprehensive WiFi coverage in farmhouse
  • 1 x controller to enable management and billing of guest WiFi
  • 1 x point-to-point wireless backhaul link from the router to a network switch in guest common room.
  • 2 x wireless access points (one outdoor) connected to network switch to provide WiFi coverage for guests

The Hilly Cow Wigwam holiday experience is now more attractive to potential guests because of the availability of a good WiFi internet connection.

The owner of the farm also benefits from an additional income stream from guest and has a significantly better WiFi internet connection for his business and family.

We are currently investigating the possibility of getting a high speed internet connection to the farm site from a local Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP).

At present the WISP does not have a radio mast that could offer a line-of-sight wireless connection to the farm, but they are looking at the feasibility of this in conjunction with Premitel.

Get in touch with Premitel if you have a specific requirement or if you wish to discuss how your business could make better and more cost-effective use of its existing telecommunications and internet infrastructure and services.

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