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Hoppo Backpackers Hostels

With two busy hostels in Edinburgh & one in Dundee, Hoppo Backpackers Hostels wanted to offer their guests first class WiFi connectivity and improve the business’s internal phone and computer connectivity.

Premitel were asked to review the network infrastructure and connectivity services at all three sites and develop a cost-effective integrated solution to meet the needs of guests and the business operations.

The Premitel solution comprised:

  • leased line fibre internet connectivity at each site;
  • wireless access points installed throughout each site to provide comprehensive WiFi coverage for guests and staff
  • a controller that enables central management of the wireless access points
  • cat 6 structured cabling systems with comms cabinets at each site housing updated network equipment that supports technologies such as VLANs and other connectivity requirements such as central heating controllers and CCTV
  • a hosted VoIP phone system that improved communication between sitesand reduced costs

Our solution not only improved the operational efficiency of the business but also resulted in savings of over £450 per month. In fact the switch to a hosted VoIP phone system generated further savings as the cost of calling between  phones at each site is now free.

Premitel continue to manage the Hoppo networks.

Get in touch with us if you have a specific requirement or if you wish to discuss how your business could make better and more cost-effective use of its existing telecommunications and internet infrastructure and services.

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