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Riverside Healthcare Centre

Based in Selkirk, Riverside Healthcare Centre provides nursing and residential support in a warm friendly family environment where residents can relax and pursue their own interests.

WiFi Upgrade

Premitel were initially asked to assist with improving WiFi reception throughout the premises.

This was considered essential as many of the individual resident health monitoring systems used by the on-site nursing staff required a good WiFi connection.

There was an existing WiFi installation in place at Riverside Healthcare Centre, but many of the wireless access points had stopped working and the company that had previously provided support had disappeared.

Each of these wireless access points was cabled back to a patch panel in one of the two comms cabinets at the site. These were connected by a patch lead to a power over ethernet (POE) network switch.

This made our installation task relatively straight forward in that all we had to to was replace the existing wireless access points and then create a site WiFi network for staff and guests using a WiFi controller.

The equipment that we used comprised 9 x Ubiquiti UniFi wireless access points with a UniFi cloud key controller.

Replace Obsolete Analogue Phone System

Not long after the WiFi network had been upgraded, Premitel were asked to submit a proposal for replacing Riverside Healthcare Centre’s existing Panasonic analogue phone system.

This had become end-of-life with consequent withdrawal of maintenance support and spares.

Hosted VoIP Phone System

Riverside Healthcare accepted our proposal for a hosted VoIP phone system that had desk phones in the offices and 6 x cordless phones that could roam across the whole site.

The desk phones could be plugged-in to existing network sockets to provide the required internet connection to the hosted VoIP phone system.

However, implementation of the site-wide cordless system was more complex as a survey had to be carried out to establish the optimum locations for the 4 x base stations.

Each base station had to be connected by Cat5e cabling to the nearest comms cabinet and each base station had to be in range of another base station to provide complete coverage across the site with seamless roaming.

The proposed hosted VoIP phone system has been implemented successfully and Riverside Healthcare Centre now has a phone system that costs less to run the previous system and offers many additional features that benefit the day-to-day operations.

Comms Cabinet Tidy

Over the years since their installation the two comms cabinets at Riverside Healthcare Centre had become a mess of multiple patch leads.

Premitel followed up our work on upgrading the WiFi network and phone system by undertaking a tidy of the comms cabinets.

This involved re-installing network equipment, replacing existing patch leads with ones of the appropriate size and adopting a colour coding scheme for the patch leads according to what they are used for (eg blue for wireless access points and yellow for cordless base stations etc).

Other Work

More recently Premitel have provided a failover internet connection for the site together with a dual internet router installed in the main comms cabinet.

We have also installed a network cable to the alarm panel to enable the alarm signal to switch over to IP plus 4G signalling.

Ongoing Support

Premitel continue to support Riverside Healthcare Centre by providing tweaks, updates and configuration changes to the phone system in response to their changing operational requirements. This is all covered by the VoIP service charge.

One of the benefits of a hosted VoIP solution is that such changes can be done remotely and can be implemented immediately.

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