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Saltire Motorcycles

Saltire Motorcycles had an urgent requirement to upgrade their 15 year old phone system in order to provide better service for customers calling their main number.

Too many calls were going unanswered and/or were being answered by the wrong person.

After considering various options, Premitel were asked to provide a hosted VoIP phone system with automated attendant, flexible call routing and integrated voicemail.

Saltire Motorcycles particularly liked the fact that the VoIP phone system could be configured to meet their present operational requirements and could easily be re-configured if those requirements changed.

The solution provided by Premitel included a mix of RTX cordless handsets and Yealink desk-phones.

As part of the project Premitel upgraded Saltire Motorcycle’s local area network infrastructure which included the provision of a comprehensive and secure WiFi solution for staff and visitors.

Premitel also ensured that Saltire Motorcycle’s internet-based credit card processing facilities are secure and meet the requirements of the regulatory authorites.

It was also necessary to upgrade Saltire Motorcycle’s internet connection services to ensure the highest possible VoIP call quality.

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