Scottish Carriage Driving Association

The Scottish Carriage Driving Association (SCDA) has a weekend event every year in the grounds of Hopetoun House near Edinburgh.

In May 2012 they asked Premitel to assist with their requirement for internet access and a local area network to serve the administration cabin during the event and in the site set-up period in the few days before the event.

The only option for internet access was to use an outdoor 3G router connected to a network switch in the temporary cabin with power supplied by a generator.

We supplied the 3G router with a high gain antenna to enable it to pick up the relatively weak 3G signal in the area. The 3G router was mounted as high as possible on a pole with an external cable connected to a network switch in the cabin.

Because it was a short term event the SCDA did not want to enter into a long term contract for the 3G data service. The only option was to use a 3G pay as you go service.

We therefore acquired a 3G data sim card on a pay as you go service. We inserted the sim card in the 3G router and configured the router to meet the SCDA’s specific requirements.

The 3G router had an integrated wireless access point which could provide WiFi connectivity in the cabin in addition to the wired connections that were provided via the network switch.

The 3G router has served SCDA successfully for three events. They may upgrade to a faster 4G router when the coverage becomes available.

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