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now_tvOne of our regular clients is an Edinburgh solicitor who spends a significant amount of time at his apartment in Spain. He keeps in regular touch with his office from his apartment.

He wanted to save money on the cost of calls between his apartment in Spain and his Edinburgh office.


We proposed a solution that was based on internet phone calls using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

In his Edinburgh office we connected a VoIP adpator to a spare line port of the office phone system.

We also supplied him with a VoIP cordless phone, the base of which could be plugged into a spare network port on the internet router in his Spanish apartment.

We programmed each device with a VoIP account.

Once this had been done it was possible to make free calls between his Edinburgh office and his Spanish apartment.

It was also possible for his PA to see when he was calling from Spain because we configured an LED on her phone to flash when he was calling via the VoIP adpator.

We also installed a VoIP client on his iPhone. This enabled him to call from his iPhone to the office free of charge whenever he was connected to a WiFi hotspot in Spain.

It also enabled him to make regular calls on his iPhone at significantly cheaper rates than Vodafone’s international roaming rates.

He was so impressed by the system that he now has a VoIP phone at his Edinburgh home and his wife and other members of his family have VoIP clients on their smartphones.

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