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Premitel have been supplying and installing business phone systems (also known as PBXs) for over 30 years. During that period the underlying technologies and services have changed significantly.

The driving force behind the most recent changes has been the development of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology, standards and services together with the increased availability of good quality internet connections.

Cost Benefits of VoIP

The key benefit of VoIP is that it enables telephone communications to be integrated with data communications over the same network infrastructure. In other words, telephone and data communication devices (such as PCs, printers, file servers etc) can share the same on-site cabling, network switches, routers and can use the internet to connect to similar devices at other locations.

This is obviously a good thing since sharing a common network infrastructure is much more efficient and cost-effective than having separate networks for telephone and data communications.

The cost benefits of VoIP are such that all new on-site business phone systems are based on VoIP technology and these would typically be connected to VoIP phone lines (ie SIP trunks) rather than analogue or ISDN lines.

In fact, analogue and ISDN lines are being progressively phased out and will disappear completely in the next few years.

The Office PBX is now a VoIP Server

Another consequence of the move towards VoIP is that the office phone system is now considered to be one of just many types of network connected servers that a business requires.

For example, in addition to a phone system server, a business might have an email server, a web server, a file storage server and a print server. All of these servers could be owned by the business and located on-site or they could be hosted off-site somewhere in the internet cloud.

A hosted internet server (now generally known as a cloud server) would be owned by a third party who would also be responsible for providing the required service.

As a general rule, larger businesses would tend to have servers on their own premises, while smaller businesses would rely on cloud services provided by third parties.

Benefits of Cloud Based VoIP Services

The main benefit of a cloud based VoIP service (ie a phone system in the internet cloud) is that you don’t have the hassle, complexity and expense of buying and maintaining any phone system hardware. Instead you pay for a service that is typically based on the number of extension phones that you require.

A cloud VoIP service exists as software on a server located in a data centre somewhere in the internet cloud. Extension phones would connect to the server over an internet connection.

The features and operational benefits of a cloud VoIP service are too numerous to mention, but the list below highlights some of the key benefits:

  • Low total cost of ownership: Cloud VoIP services give reduced ownership costs as there is no need to buy any expensive hardware or software. All the initial installation and purchase costs together with on-going maintenance and support costs are drastically reduced compared to traditional on-site PBX phone systems.
  • Cheaper calls: The fact that all telephone traffic is routed over the internet reduces calling charges significantly. Calls between extensions, even if the extensions are on different continents, are free.
  • Desired area code: Cloud VoIP service providers typically allow the choice of any geographical area code for phone numbers. For instance, if you live in Edinburgh and you want a London or even a New York number then that is possible.
  • Retain phone number: It is possible to keep existing phone numbers when switching to a cloud VoIP service, even when moving to an area that is outside the original geographic exchange area associated with the phone number
  • Wide range of features: In addition to standard calling features (such as: call transfer; call forwarding; call waiting; call conferencing; 3-way calling; find me/follow me; speed dial; and caller id), cloud VoIP services offer many advanced calling features such as: automatic call distribution; integrated auto attendant; virtual receptionist; intelligent call routing; call queue management; voicemail; and call recording.
  • Flexibility: With a cloud VoIP service any number of extensions can be added or removed without affecting the overall phone system. If your business grows from 2 employees to 2000 employees then your cloud VoIP service can meet those growing needs.

Taking all the above into account, it is the view of Premitel that in almost all cases the better option for almost all small businesses is to choose a cloud based VoIP service rather than owning and managing an on-site phone system server.

The Premitel Cloud VoIP Service

After evaluating cloud VoIP services from many providers, Premitel have decided to offer the high quality cloud VoIP service that is provided by Yeastar. For many years Yeastar have been a leading supplier of on-site VoIP PBXs and are now a leading provider of cloud VoIP services.

Free 30 Day Trial

The Premitel cloud VoIP service is packed with features and functions that are too numerous to list, but which can be assessed during our free no-obligation 30-day trial.

Although our cloud VoIP service supports free PC and smartphone apps, you will probably need phones for the trial. If required, we can supply a selection of pre-configured phones (desk-phones and/or cordless phones).

You would have to pay for these at a heavily discounted price, but we would refund the cost of the phones at the end of the trial assuming the phones are returned to us in good working condition.

We would provide two temporary phone numbers for the trial. It should be possible to divert your existing phone numbers to the temporary numbers to test the service in a “live” environment.

Service Charges

The monthly cost of the Premitel cloud VoIP service is based on the number of extensions that a business requires and is set out below:

  • 2 – 4 extensions @ £9.00 plus vat per extension
  • 5 – 9 extensions @ £8.00 plus vat per extension
  • 10 – 24 extensions @ £7.00 plus vat per extension
  • 25 – 49 extensions @ £6.00 plus vat per extension
  • 50 + extensions @ £5.00 plus vat per extension

Please note that the above prices include all UK landline and mobile calls (subject to a fair use policy).

Unlike traditional on-site phone systems, there are no initial costs associated with the supply and installation of phone system hardware and there are no ongoing maintenance and support charges.

There is a one-off account set up charge of £50 plus vat which includes two new phone numbers or transfer of up to two existing phone numbers.

Additional new or existing phone numbers would incur a one-off charge of £10 plus vat per number.

No Minimum Contract Period

Unlike most cloud service providers, Premitel do not tie you into long 3 or 5 year contracts.

In fact, we so confident in the quality of our cloud VoIP service that we don’t have any minimum contract period and the service can be ceased at any time, without penalty.

Buying from Premitel

Unlike many VoIP service providers, Premitel will endeavour to understand your overall network infrastructure and internet connectivity before selling you our cloud VoIP service. This may require a site visit or at the very least an in-depth discussion.

The reason for this is that VoIP phones have to share the same network and internet connection as your PCs and other network connected devices. It is therefore essential that we understand and take this into account.

For example, there is no point in setting you up with our cloud VoIP service if you don’t have a good quality internet connection, sufficient capacity on your local network and network equipment to which the VoIP phones can be connected.

If required, we can advise on and assist with the upgrade of your network infrastructure or liaise with your local IT support resource.

Click on the contact button to the left if you would like more information on our cloud VoIP phone service or if you wish to discuss your requirements. We can also help if you wish to discuss more generally how your business could make better and more cost-effective use of its existing telecommunications and internet infrastructure and services.

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