Expert Telecommunications & Internet Solutions

Consultancy & Systems Integration

Premitel offer expert consultancy and systems integration assistance for businesses that are undertaking specific projects in which there is likely to be a significant impact on their telecommunications & internet facilities & services.

Typically this would include projects that involve re-location, re-structuring or re-organizing.

Our Approach

The aim of our consultancy assistance would be to develop a strategy that ensures that the project delivers telecommunications & internet facilities & services that are:

  • cost effective;
  • fit for purpose; and
  • take account of the benefits offered by the latest technology and services.

In many cases the implementation of our strategy requires that our proposed solutions (eg VoIP) are integrated with existing facilities so that they share the same network infrastructure and services.

VoIP Phone Services

VoIP phone services are in fact likely to be a core part of most of the strategies that we develop because of the cost savings and operational benefits of having a feature-rich phone service that runs on the same network infrastructure as other IT services such as email & web browsing.

Professional Service

Premitel have the required knowledge and experience to provide a comprehensive and professional consultancy service that can deliver significant savings for your business together with the added benefit of improvements in service.

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Click on the contact button to the left (or use our contact form) if you have a specific requirement or if you wish to discuss how your business could make better and more cost-effective use of its existing telecommunications and internet infrastructure and services.

About Us

Premitel are an established telecommunications & internet solutions provider serving primarily Edinburgh, the Lothians & Scottish Borders, although we have a few clients throughout the UK and overseas.

Our customers are typically businesses, although that includes the increasing number of home workers.

We specialise in:

  • high quality VoIP solutions and services;
  • boosting & extending WiFi;
  • better & faster internet;
  • cordless phone systems; and
  • expense reduction.

Our advice is free for relatively straightforward requirements. For more complex projects, we offer a free initial no-obligation consultation.

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Premitel in partnership with First City Communications also offer telephone & internet installation & support services for business & residential customers.