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Digital Phone Service: Edinburgh

The Premitel digital phone service is the ideal replacement for analogue and ISDN phone lines & systems before the 2025 switch-off.

It is low-cost and feature-rich and is perfect for small businesses and also for home-offices that may have only one or two phone lines.

Our digital phone service is not only a better solution than existing analogue or ISDN phone lines, but also costs less!

Digital phone services are often referred to as VoIP phone services or internet phone services.

Local Support

Although the Premitel digital phone service can be provided anywhere in the UK, our customers in Edinburgh benefit from hands-on local support and management. This includes:

  • initial site visit to establish requirements;
  • configuration of equipment and service to meet requirements;
  • on site installation and commissioning;
  • face-to-face user training; and
  • on-going support which includes re-configuring equipment and service to meet any changes to the operational requirements of business

Unlike other digital phone service providers, Premitel don’t just deliver the equipment and leave you to get on with it with little or no support!

Low Cost and Feature Rich

The Premitel digital phone service is an internet cloud based service that offers all the features that you would expect on a standard office phone system such as call transfer, voicemail and auto-attendant.

It also offers many features that are ideal for the new way of working including:

  • roaming extension numbers (in the office, at home & on the move);
  • Microsoft Teams integration; and
  • Smartphone and PC desktop app.

Our digital phone service can replace your existing on-site office phone system and/or your analogue and ISDN phone lines.

It can be tailored to suit the needs and budget of most types of business from self-employed home workers to businesses with large multi-site operations.

No Minimum Contract

Unlike most other digital phone services there is no minimum contract period.

The whole service or any part of the service can be ceased by giving notice to the end of the current billing month.

A free trial of the service is available if required.

Supports a Wide Range of Phones

The Premitel digital phone service is an open system to which any digital phone that supports the SIP standard can connect. This means that there are a wide range of phones to choose from including desk phones and cordless phones.

Digital desk phones are available from £40 plus vat and cordless phones from £85 plus vat.

We also offer a digital phone adaptor for £50 plus vat that enables existing analogue phones to be used over standard telephone wiring.

With the exception of the basic home-worker service, smartphone and desktop PC or laptop apps are included as part of the service.

It may therefore not be necessary to buy any new phones to start using the Premitel digital phone service!

Easy Switching

Premitel will ensure that making the switch to our digital phone service is as painless as possible.

We will handle the transfer of existing phone numbers and configure the service and the phones to meet your specific requirements.

In the unlikely event that our service does not meet your requirements you can easily switch to anther provider by migrating your phone number(s) to your new service provider.

Flexible Service Packages

We offer a range of flexible service packages that can be tailored to suit the requirements of all types of end-user from individual home workers to large businesses with multi-site offices and branches.

Our basic homeworker package starts at £5.00 plus vat per month.

This includes all UK landline and mobile calls.

For larger businesses we would tailor our service package to meet the specific requirements of the business.

Our monthly service charge includes operational support and reasonable configuration changes to match the changing requirements of your business.

Get In Touch

Click on the contact button to the left (or use our contact form) if you wish to find out more about the Premitel Digital Phone Service or discuss any other telecommunications or internet issue.

About Us

Premitel are an established telecommunications & internet solutions provider serving primarily Edinburgh, the Lothians & Scottish Borders, although we have a few clients throughout the UK and overseas.

Our customers are primarily businesses which includes the increasing number of home workers.

We specialise in:

  • high quality VoIP solutions and services;
  • boosting & extending WiFi;
  • better & faster internet;
  • cordless phone systems; and
  • expense reduction.

Our advice is free for relatively straightforward requirements. For more complex projects, we offer a free initial no-obligation consultation.

Visit our Trusted Trader page to see what some of our customers think.

Premitel in partnership with First City Communications also offer telephone & internet installation & support services for business & residential customers.