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Wireless Networks

Most businesses want to provide some form of WiFi wireless access throughout their premises to enable staff and guests to access the internet and internal network resources.

In small premises the wireless access point that is integrated into many routers may be sufficient to provide the required coverage and service.

However, in larger premises it is usually necessary to install several wireless access points to provide the required coverage.

Network Design Considerations

In situations where there are multiple wireless access points each access point has to be connected by cable back to the internet router usually via a network switch.

The cable connection may be part of a structured cabling system with the network switch and router installed in a comms cabinet.

In some large installations it may be necessary to deploy a wireless controller in the comms cabinet to enhance the operational and service capabilities of the wireless access points and make them easier to manage and secure.

Guest Access

In some businesses, such as a hotel or holiday park, the main reason for providing a wireless network may be to provide internet access for guests.

The hotel management would probably want to control access to the wireless network to provide a good quality of service to all guests and may want to charge for the service. They would probably also want to prevent guests from accessing or interfering with the hotel’s private network resources or services.

In other businesses guest wireless access may be something that is provided only in a reception or waiting area with the main requirement for the wireless network being to provide internet access for staff smartphones, tablets and laptops together with access to local resources such as printers and servers.

Again it would be essential to design the wireless network so that guests are unable to access or interfere with the business’s private network resources or services.

Point to Point Wireless

Some businesses may want to use a wireless connection to connect two or more buildings in situations where it is too expensive to install cabling or access public network services. The buildings may be a few metres or a few kilometres apart.

Whatever your requirement, Premitel has the experience and expertise to install and configure a wireless network that provides the required wireless service in terms of coverage, connectivity, access control and security.

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