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Premitel can assist with your cabling requirements whether they are for a large Cat 5e or Cat 6 structured cabling system or for the provision of a single additional socket.

We can also integrate legacy cabling systems into a structured cabling system and we can undertake external cabling work.

Structured cabling systems

A structured cabling system is one in which all cables are terminated on one, or more, patch panels that are installed in a rack within a wall or floor mounted cabinet. Usually the cabinet also houses a data network switch and other related equipment such as a phone system, router, alarm equipment, cctv equipment and power fail equipment.

Where possible such equipment should also be mounted on the same rack as the patch panels to facilitate easy connection of the terminal ports of the equipment to cable termination points. These connections are made by relatively short patch leads terminated in RJ45 plugs.

A major benefit of a structured cabling system is that it enables any type of terminal equipment to be connected to any cable outlet (ie socket). The patching system in the cabinet makes it easy to achieve this.

Structured cabling systems are often called Cat 5 or Cat 6 cabling systems. The terms Cat 5 and Cat 6 refer to the quality of the cable and of the termination equipment such as sockets and patch panels. It also refers to the installation standards. For example, Cat 6 cable can’t be bent as much as Cat 5 cable.

Cat 6 systems support higher data rates than Cat 5, with Cat 6 supporting a maxmimun speed of 10 Gb ethernet and Cat 5e supporting a maximum of 1 Gb ethernet.

[NB Cat 5 has been superseded by the Cat5e standard following an enhancement to the specification several years ago.]

Before commencing a structured cabling installation we would take care to understand your requirements in terms of the numbers of sockets and the most appropriate cable routing (eg under floors, in ceiling voids and in trunking).

We would then plan the installation to minimise the disruption to your day-to-day business activities.

Our commitment to careful planning and the use of trained installation engineers guarantee a high quality, easy to manage, neat and tidy structured cabling system.

Ad-hoc cabling

In some situations a structured cabling system can’t be justified in terms of cost. This can be the case in smaller offices or in home-offices where the cost of a comms cabinet and patch panel can’t be justified and where the benefits of a structured cabling solution are limited.

Another situation where it can be difficult to justify a structured cabling solution is where there is legacy cabling that is doing its job and which is too costly to replace. In such cases we may install a hybrid solution which combines a structured cabling system with the legacy cabling.

There are also technological solutions that enable legacy telephone cabling to be converted so that it can support ethernet connections that can be used for data or VoIP. Typically such solutions require the use of DSLAM equipment.

External cabling

Our cabling installation service is not restricted to indoor cabling.

In many cases external cabling is the neatest and best performing solution, but only if the correct cabling is used and it is installed correctly.

Our engineers are experienced and understand what is required to install external cabling that is fit for purpose.

Most external cabling installation work involves attaching cabling to the exterior of buildings. However, in some cases we have to lay external cable between buildings by digging a trench and installing a cable duct.

We can also tidy up the external cable that adorns many older buildings. This is not as simple as cutting unsightly cables as some cables may still be in use by you or your neighbours.

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