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Expense Reduction

Our experience is that most businesses are paying too much for their telecommunications & internet services with many businesses not only on the wrong tariff packages, but also paying for services that are not being used.

Recent client experiences include a business that was paying for an unused ISDN connection that was hidden behind a filing cabinet and another that was paying monthly maintenance charges for a disconnected phone system that was lying in a cupboard.

The savings that can be achieved from cancelling unused services are typically much more significant than those that can be achieved from switching to a cheaper phone call package or internet deal.

If your business undertakes a telecommunications & internet expense reduction exercise that considers only a review of tariff packages there is a risk that you could end up signing a long term contract for a cheaper tariff package that includes services that are not even being used!

You can avoid this risk by asking Premitel to audit your telecommunications & internet services.

Even bigger savings

In addition to identifying unused services, a Premitel audit would establish whether further significant savings can be achieved by upgrading or re-designing the existing telecommunications & internet infrastructure.

In such cases there is typically up-front investment required which would be paid back through savings in monthly service charges.

There is therefore a financial payback decision to be made that should also take account of the operational efficiencies associated with the upgraded telecommunications & internet infrastructure.

To illustrate this consider the service improvements and significant cost savings that can be achieved by upgrading to a VoIP infrastructure.

Expertise from Premitel

Unlike many companies offering an audit of your business telephone and internet bills, Premitel’s intial focus is not on the marginal savings that would be available from switching to a cheaper tariff.

Instead, Premitel would focus on those areas where more significant cost savings can be achieved and where our expertise can be applied most effectively.

Only when we are sure that the most cost-effective infrastructure and services are in place would we look at the various tariff options.

In summary, we have the required expertise and experience to provide a comprehensive expense reduction service that can deliver significant savings for your business together with the added benefit of improvements in service.

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We would also be delighted to give advice on any other telecommunications or internet issue.

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