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VoIP Phone Service: Tariff Information

The Premitel VoIP Phone Service is the ideal replacement for analogue and ISDN phone lines and phone systems before the 2025 switch-off.

It is low-cost and feature-rich and is the perfect choice for homes and businesses of all types and size across the UK.

In the paragraphs below we set out the various tariff options for the Premitel VoIP Phone Service together with a description of the various service elements.

All the tariff prices on this page and in the tariff table exclude VAT.

Per-Line Pricing

The key difference between the Premitel VoIP Phone Service and most other VoIP services is that our service is charged per-line, rather than per-user.

This makes the Premitel VoIP Phone Service a very cost-effective solution for both residential and business users.

A VoIP phone line is similar to an analogue or ISDN line and is equivalent to the number of concurrent calls that can be made or received.

A residential customer would typically require only one VoIP line, although they can have additional lines if someone in the house wants their own phone number.

For most businesses the number of VoIP lines required is usually significantly less than the number of users.

The Premitel VoIP Phone Service is therefore a very cost-effective business phone system.

Inclusive Minute Tariff Plans

There are three tariffs offered each of which have inclusive minutes.

The details of each tariff are set out in the table below with some clarification notes underneath..

  • per LINE

  • Inclusive Minutes
  • - UK (01, 02, 03 & 07) *
  • Overage Call Rates **
  • - UK (01, 02 & 03)
  • - UK Mobile
  • Other Calls ***
  • Bronze

  • £5

    per month

    (ex VAT)

  • 200
  • £0.02 per min
  • £0.05 per min
  • See Rate Card
  • Silver

  • £10

    per month

    (ex VAT)

  • 800
  • £0.02 per min
  • £0.05 per min
  • See Rate Card
  • Gold

  • £15

    per month

    (ex VAT)

  • 2000
  • £0.02 per min
  • £0.05 per min
  • See Rate Card

*     Inclusive calls with the 07 prefix are to numbers associated with the UK mobile networks: EE; Three; O2; Orange; Virgin; and Vodafone.

**   Overage is the call charge rate that would apply after the inclusive call minute limit has been breached.

*** Our rate card for Other Calls (eg premium rate calls and international calls) is available on request.

Incoming Calls – Fair Use Policy

To ensure that we maintain a low-cost and high-quality service for all customers Premitel has a fair use policy for incoming calls.

This is simply because there are costs associated with providing capacity for incoming calls in terms of internet bandwidth, server processing power and memory.

We have also noted an increase in the number of call centre businesses with home-based users that receive a very high number of incoming calls with very few outgoing calls.

We want to ensure that such businesses pay an appropriate amount for using the Premitel VoIP Phone Service so that we can provide a cost-effective, high-quality service for all users.

Our fair use policy is that if the number of incoming call minutes regularly exceeds the amount of a customer’s inclusive outgoing call minutes then that customer will be given notice that they will be migrated to a tariff with a higher monthly service charge on their next billing date.

If a customer is already on the the highest monthly service charge then the customer will be charged for any incoming calls in excess of 2,000 minutes per line, per month at a rate of £0.03 per minute.

Multi-User Businesses

The Premitel VoIP Phone Service has no per-user charges.

This means that a business can have multiple user extension phones without worrying about there being an additional monthly cost for each user.

The business would pay only for the number of lines that they require which would in-turn be equivalent to the maximum number of concurrent calls that they wish to make or receive.

As an example, a business with 24 x users would typically need the capacity for a maximum of 10 x concurrent calls.

This would be equivalent to 10 x lines.

Some businesses with 24 x users would require more than 10 x lines, others would require fewer.

For example, a sales office might need more lines, while a factory might need fewer.

Premitel can provide initial guidance on the number of lines that your business would require.

Subsequently, the business would have access to a management portal which has statistics on the number of concurrent calls.

This would enable the business to flex up, or down, their number of lines to ensure that they are paying only for the number of lines that they need.

Customer Account

A customer account would comprise one or more VoIP lines and would typically be a family home or a business and can extend across multiple sites.

All lines in an account must be on the same monthly per-line tariff option.

The amount of inclusive minutes for each line in the account would be aggregated to arrive at the total monthly inclusive minutes for the whole account.

There can be any number of users sharing those lines without any additional monthly costs.

Calls between users on the same account are not part of the inclusive minutes and do not incur any call charges,

However, calls between users on the same account do have an impact on the number of lines that are required.


A device is the equipment or software that is used to connect to the Premitel VoIP Phone Service.

A device could be a smart-phone app, a web browser app, a desk phone, a cordless phone or an analogue terminal adaptor (ATA).

A user can have more than one device for making and receiving external calls and for making and receiving internal calls to and from other users on the same account.

There are no additional charges for additional devices.

Calls can’t be made between devices that are associated with the same user.

Phone Numbers

There is no monthly charge for phone numbers.

There is a one-off charge of £10 (plus vat) for a new phone number with your choice of area code.

It also costs £10 (plus vat) for transferring an existing number.

Premitel would deal with all the administration associated with transferring an existing number.

Phone numbers can be routed to individual users or individual devices.

For businesses, they can also be routed to ring-groups, queues and auto-attendants.

Flexible time of day routing can be applied to each number.

Telephones and ATAs

Any SIP compatible telephone or ATA (Analogue Telephone Adaptor) can be connected to the Premitel VoIP phone service.

We prefer to supply telephones and devices pre-configured and tested.

If required, we can provide the credentials to enable the end-user to configure their device.

You can buy preconfigured telephones and ATAs from the Premitel online shop.

Contract and Payment

There is no contract for the Premitel VoIP Phone Service.

Your commitment is to the end of the current billing month.

If you are not satisfied with our service you can cancel and transfer your phone number(s) to another service provider without penalty.

Invoices are issued on the first of each month for service charges in that same month and for call charges in the previous month.

Direct debit is mandatory.

Unusually High Call Charges

If a customer incurs significant and/or unusually large call charges due to a high number of premium rate or international calls we reserve the right to issue an interim invoice for call charges.

We would bar premium rate and international calls until the invoice has been paid.

If a customer is aware that they will be making an unusually high number of chargeable calls they can avoid any interruption to their service by contacting Premitel to make an advance payment to cover the likely cost of future calls.

Limitation of Liability

The Premitel VoIP Phone Service is provided on the basis that our liability for loss of service is limited to the pro-rata daily service rate for the duration of any service outage.

The reason for this is that the provision of a telephone service involves multiple factors that are beyond our control together with the reliance on services provided by third parties with whom we have no contractual relationship.

We have taken steps to ensure maximum quality, reliability and availability by using the NetSapiens platform to power the Premitel VoIP Phone Service.


The monthly service charge includes initial configuration of the service to meet your requirements and reasonable requests for amendments and assistance on an ongoing basis

Our support would also extend to remote configuration of devices if we can get remote access using PC software such as Anydesk.

Features and Services

Premitel’s VoIP Phone Service is ideal as a landline replacement service with single line accounts having access to the following features and services as part of their standard monthly service cost:

  • voicemail with access via phone and/or email attachment;
  • user controlled answering and call routing rules;
  • flexible time of day routing;
  • call history display and filtering; and
  • blocking of nuisance, scam and robot phone calls (on request).

Accounts with multiple lines and users have access to additional features that would be useful to businesses. These are also available at no extra cost and include features such as:

  • auto-attendant;
  • ring groups with simultaneous or delayed ringing
  • conference calling; and
  • call queues with position announcements, caller call-back and voicemail exit option.

Automatic call recording, call centre features and Microsoft Teams integration are also available as chargeable extras.

How to Connect

Connecting to the Premitel VoIP Phone Service is an informal process where you get in touch by email or phone to discuss your requirement.

This enables us to provide a personal service where we can discuss not only your phone requirements, but also related issues such as the number transfer process and how to connect to our service over your internet connection.

We offer a no obligation trial of our service for as long as you need and no quibble return of any phones or ATAs purchased from Premitel.

We can provide a temporary number to enable you to receive incoming calls as well as make outgoing calls during the trial.

We start charging for the service when your equipment is connected and you are able to receive calls on your new or transferred phone number.

Get In Touch

For more information on the Premitel VoIP Phone Service please use the contact form below to request expert personal advice on your specific requirement or to discuss any other telecommunications or internet issue.

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