High Performance WiFi Repeater Kit

A WiFi repeater (often called a range extender or booster) takes a weak existing WiFi signal from a wireless router, wireless access point or wireless hotspot and re-broadcasts it to boost the WiFi signal and extend the WiFi coverage area.

Unfortunately, a WiFi repeater reduces the overall connection speed by more than 50% because wireless transmissions are doubled (ie router to repeater and then repeater to client versus just router to client) and additional signal processing power and storage are required.

To solve this problem a second wireless radio would need to be built-in to the WiFi repeater device.

However, this is not a feasible solution because, being part of the same device, one wireless radio would interfere with the other and would render the device useless.

A better solution is the Premitel WiFi Repeater Kit (shown above) which comprises:

  • 2 x small (ie matchbox size) WiFi wireless radios;
  • 1 x 1.5 metre patch lead;
  • 1 x high-gain 5dbi omni antenna; amd
  • 1 x power adaptor with UK mains lead.

The image above shows the Repeater Kit items connected and working with the power adaptor plugged directly into one of the wireless radios. NB For the purposes of the photograph a 0.5 metre patch lead is shown.

The 1.5 metre patch lead connects the wireless radios to each other and keeps them sufficiently far apart to avoid interference. It also enables one radio to be powered from the other.

The high-gain 5dbi omni antenna enables relaible connection to weak wireless signals.

If required, we can supply a 9dbi omni antenna to improve performance further. Other antenna options are available to suit your particular circumstances.

The power adaptor is supplied with a UK mains lead, but this can easily be replaced by a power lead to suit the electricity supply in your country.

As an added bonus the Premitel WiFi Repeater Kit also provides a wired Ethernet socket. This can be used to connect a single wired ethernet device or multiple devices using a network switch (not supplied).

The Premitel WiFi Repeater Kit is pre-configured so that all that you have to do is pair it with the main WiFi router or WiFi hotspot.

This can be done in less than 5 minutes using a laptop, tablet or smartphone using the instructions provided.

The Repeater Kit is pre-configured as a transparent wireless bridge. The advantage of this is that the IP addresses received by your smartphone, tablet or laptop are received directly from the main WiFi router or hotspot network with no additional unnecessary address translation.

The Premitel WiFi Repeater Kit is ideal for:

  • Homes or offices that have WiFi blackspots;
  • Regular travellers who get frustrated by weak WiFi signals in hotel rooms; and
  • Guests in caravan parks and holiday parks who have difficulty picking up the guest WiFi signal.

In summary, the Premitel WiFi Repeater Kit is a compact, flexible and cost-effective solution to the problem of extending WiFi coverage.

It can be purchased from the Premitel eBay store for only £99.95 by clicking on this link.

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